Assignment: Action Paper

Assignment:  Action Paper

Assignment: Action Paper

TMGT- 4/591

Assignment:  Action Paper

This assignment is due on November 15th and is worth 25 points


Sports Psychologists have become popular consultants to professional sportspeople.

One technique they stress is for the sports figure (athlete) to visualize the outcome they desire in a particular activity, for example, to win the race. The psychologist then has them visualize the steps and actions leading to the desired outcome.  The athlete will do this over and over again, with changes in the steps and actions so different situations will be rehearsed in their mind.  This mind rehearsal helps the athlete become familiar (preparing them) for whatever situation occurs during the event and it is claimed to build confidence.


Nikola Tesla figured out how to design an electric motor powered by alternating current electricity. He did this by conducting experiments in his mind to figure out the details. When he finally had access to what he needed to build his first machine he was able to build it as he had built it in his mind and it worked the very first time he tried it. The entire development had taken place in his mind.


As you know this course deals with creative problem solving and you have been exposed to many techniques. If this was a regular on campus course we could have practiced some of these techniques in a classroom setting. This would have helped us experience some of them. But you would still have to adapt them to your own future situations.


This assignment is for you to experiment mentally by thinking through, in detail, how you and a group you may lead in the future might use several techniques to solve a problem.  You must use at least four CPS techniques that we have learned about this semester. This could be any of the 101 CPS techniques, the six thinking hats, etc…


The assignment for the action paper is for you to write a fictitious story. In this story you must put yourself in an employed (or self-employed) position. This can be either your current position or one that you aspire to. Recalling that this is a fictitious story, identify a problem, for example, a new product or some work failure, and consider that you are put in charge of seeking a solution to the problem. Now write a detailed story about the techniques you utilized and how the techniques progressed to solving the problem. Use characters, real or imagined, and the roles they played. The actual problem is not very important and you can finish by merely stating that the problem was solved or a solution derived rather than giving an actual solution. Discussing the step by step process in applying the techniques is important. Don’t simply state: we used such and such technique. Give details such as John suggested X and Jill responded by saying Y, so I said let’s do Z. Consider that the story should be, almost, a draft of a play.



  1. Please clearly state the problem, as well as the techniques used to solve the problem.
  2. The paper shall be 2 to 2 ½ pages of single spaced type and shall be evaluated for stating the problem, techniques discussed, clarity, detail and readability.
  3. Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
  4. 1” margin on all sides.
  5. Put your name at the end of the paper.

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