Assignment Writing Service : Job Analysis

Assignment Writing Service : Job Analysis

Assignment Writing Service : Job Analysis

Assignment Writing Service : Job Analysis

the assignment is about one page about 650 words

i sent you the part of the book about the topic and you can use internet also.
i sent you a sample about the same subject ( Job analysis ) so you see and take some idea from it but if you take some thing you have to paraphrase it .
also i sent my first paper as sample ( training and development) for the same course to see how i want you to write and also my language .
so to write this paper about Job analysis 
1- identify the job analysis and how it is important to any organization  
2 - write a personal experience about the job analysis 
3- sit up a goals as future manager, in this part need to be specific and also sit up a time for these goal. also how i will evaluate these goals if they were succeeded or not .  be sure about the language and using Punctuation marks.
There is a famous proverb that says “Jack of all trades, master of none”, but in today’sworld this proverb will not fit at all because we need people who are masters in one job and cando it perfectly. A person needs to be a master in his field and how fit a person is in his or herfield can be analyzed by using job analysis. It checks the fitness of a person for a particular job

because in today’s competitive world every organization wants the right individuals, who are fit

for the jobs and also who can fit socially into the working environment. The selection procedure

in the organizations becomes smooth if the organizations use the job analysis method. The

process of job analysis is important for all the organizations because it not only helps in the

selection of the fittest individuals, but it also helps in the execution of training effectively and

developing projects systematically. The organizations look forward to their growth and

development, and also expect that their projects and endeavors should be successful and it is

possible only by employing the people who are masters in their fields and have a special

expertise in handling the job. The organizations cannot afford to hire people who are not fit for

the jobs. A proper job analysis is the first step for the organization to get capable employees to

their respective jobs in a responsible and effective manner.

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