Assignment Writing Services for US Students – Critical Reading

Assignment Writing Services for US Students  – Critical Reading

Assignment Writing Services for US Students – Critical Reading

Critical Reading & Thoughtful (Communal) Engagement

In order to write effectively in psychology, you need to learn to read critically and to observe how professional psychologists present their research to peers.

Once you have determined that the sources you are reading are solid and worth using (which is quite a challenge in and of itself), your quest becomes the articulation of a research question or working hypothesis that will guide the writing you do subsequently to your reading. It definitely takes a certain amount of skill to be able to look at a journal article and pick it apart in order to determine things like the significance of the results and/or the soundness of the methodology. That said, it takes all the more skill to be able to take the ideas found in one or more journal articles and turn them into your own words, your own understandings, and your own synthesis of the works engaged. But skill is not enough. You also need honest and timely feedback from others (e.g., your peers,

your instructor, etc.).

Effective writing is done in community, meaning that it is not done in isolation. From start to finish, the more you include the careful scrutiny of your writing by others, the better off you and your writing will be.

For Assignment 3 select one peer-reviewed article related to be your focal/research question.When you have chosen your article, write a review/critique of the study.

Your review should include the following:

 The main topic and focus or thesis of the journal article.

 The argument the author is making and its relevance to the focal/research question.

 The type of article—published, original research, meta-analysis, or reflection piece.

 The key findings of the study.

 Your opinion about the merits of the study, including future points of interest or research.

Your review should be approximately 100-150 words in length, should contain proper grammar and spelling, and should follow APA format regarding structure (e.g., title page and references page) and citation of sources.

Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum

Includes main topic and focus or thesis of the selected article. 5

Presents author's argument and its relevance to student's focal/research

question. 10

Identifies type of article. 5

Discusses key findings of the study. 30

Discusses opinion about merits of the study, including suggestions for

future research. 30


Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical

scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources,

displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation and proper APA


Total: 100


Note for tutor:

My focal/research question is:

“How and when do language skills develop in a fetus and an infant?”

 A fetus and an infant learns a language slowly and gradually.

 When does the learning process start in an infant?

 The process begins in the womb itself.

 What are the factors that affect the achievement of language skills in an infant?

Please use scholarly references that are 5 years old or less (2009-2014).

The article, “How Reading Books Fosters Language Development around the World” by

Dickinson et al., is a journal article that focuses on research work that shows that literacy can

start at an early age and there is direct relationship between language development and reading

skills. The authors emphasize throughout the article the importance of reading skills at an early

age. The article explains clearly that reading books with children between 0 to 3 years age will

help in their language development.

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