Biographical Essay Writing Services – Jazz Biography Paper

Biographical Essay Writing Services – Jazz Biography Paper

Biographical Essay Writing Services – Jazz Biography Paper

Biographical Essay Writing Services

Jazz Biography Paper

The paper will cover Jazz artist of your choosing, and deal with a certain aspect of his/her

  • Required Length: 1500 words not including cover page, points will be deducted papers not fulfilling the minimum length.
  • Paper must be typed, double spaced.
  • A list of works cited must be completed.
  • Standard MLA footnotes and style requirements must be observed. For questions or issues with this guideline, please visit the WSU writing centre.
  • Plagiarism will result in failing grade for both paper and the course.
  • An “A” paper will be free of grammatical, spelling and factual errors. A unique perspective of particularly interesting viewpoint the chosen subject will be beneficial to the student grade as well. With short length of paper taken in to consideration, one particular thesis would be practical for starting point for writing.
  • Plagiarism detection: Please be aware that the papers will be screened through a plagiarism detection engine, so be sure to use only original work, or cite the author anything borrowed.

Deadline: Papers will be turned in online. The papers will be turned in electronically in the dropbox area of the course, online


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A Source of Inspiration

Louis Armstrong is one of the well known figures in the history of Jazz; he was a renowned trumpet player, a versatile solo player, and someone who influenced numerous Jazz players for decades. Armstrong wore many hats with ease throughout his life. Born in an impoverished family in the city of New Orleans, he saw the grinding poverty in his early life and through his own grit and talent became the greatest jazz musician and singer in America and the world. He proved that one does not need wealth or a comfortable background to reach the height of a chosen path, all one needs is determination, a strong self confidence and a right career path. The story of a man who was born in poverty and became a renowned name all over the world because of his talent and hard word, is a source of inspiration for many budding musicians and people who face difficulties in life. One needs a whole book to write the story of Armstrong; however, it can be summarized, divided into segments such as, background and early years, growth as a budding musician, years of fame. From 1920 onwards he grew in stature as a soloist, trumpet player and a musician and became renowned all over the world, he continued to be a world famous musician till his death in 1971. Armstrong was born in St. Oreleans, in Louisiana, on 4 th August 1901. His parents were very poor, his father worked in a factory and his mother often worked as a prostitute. His father left the family after his birth, and mother would leave him for long periods with his grandmother. Armstrong had to leave school in the fifth grade and start working, doing menial jobs, collecting garbage, fetching and carrying. He did some menial work for a well to do Jewish family who felt sorry for him and adopted him as a member of the family. He wrote fondly about his connection with the family, a correspondent quoted him, saying that they taught him how to live with determination and grit. Armstrong never forgot them and though he was not a religious person he wore Star of David throughout his life.

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