Business Communication Assignments – Online Assignment Help

Business Communication Assignments – Online Assignment Help

Business Communication Assignments – Online Assignment Help

Business Communication Assignments

I need you to write 3 pages for me for business communication class and I will attach the PowerPoint to help you to write easy for me , but what I need you to write is 3 pages and I want you to assume that you are working with company name is FARMER'S INSURANCE and I already attach the questions that you have to answers for me in 3 pages paragraph

Farmer’s Insurance Company

Should we conduct pre-hire drug screens?

Farmer’s Insurance Company should conduct pre-hire drug screens. These kinds of drug screens

are legal and of course they can be conducted only if the company has given some kind of

assurance or a conditional offer to the candidate in question. This should be done because the

company would like to maintain and also establish a drug-free environment. The company does

not want to get involved in legal hassles or force the employees to undergo drug tests after they

have joined their employment. It does not mean the company will not be conducting drug screens

after the employee has been hired. The company may conduct drug screens randomly from time

to time just to ensure that the employees have not fallen prey to drug habits or drug abuse.

The pre-hire drug screens are effective because they make clear the policies of the company and

give the employee a clear idea that the company will tolerate any kind of behavior that may harm

the company, its reputations, its objectives and also the other employees.

In today’s situation, it is essential to maintain a drug-free environment (Pinsker, 2015), and the

pre-hire drug screens will convey the message strongly about the importance of the drug-free

environment and its benefits for the company and also the employees.

These pre-hire drug screens have some extra benefits for the company. As said earlier, they will

protect the company from forthcoming legal hassles in case the employee is detected to be a drug

addict. The insurance companies will offer certain benefits and discounts and the company can

the company can take advantage of these discounts given by the insurance companies by

conducting the pre-hire drug screens.

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