Case Study (Graduate Students)

Case Study (Graduate Students)

Case Study (Graduate Students)

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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply what you have learned in this class to better understand the concept of continuous performance improvement in organization. By applying processes and quality tools, you will better understand how TQM helps an organization to achieve continuous improvement of quality of goods and services. [Course obj. 3, 4, 5]

Format: A particular organization will be assigned to you to study and analyze its organizational policies and strategies for quality management and continuous performance improvement. Your analysis should focus on the principles, processes, tools, techniques, and/or general knowledge of quality management and performance improvement that are taught in this class. An analysis report should consist of 2000-2500 words (including cover page and references) with an additional section of your reflection (at least 500 words). Please review the grading rubric, by clicking the assignment, before you proceed.


You need to study this organization and find as much information about its quality and performance improvement as possible. You may gain some ideas and key words from the textbook and then go to the library databases to search appropriate journal articles or news about the organization. For example, you may seek and answer these questions:

  • Does the organization apply quality circle for quality performance improvement?
  • Did the organization embed a culture of quality for TQM?
  • How did the leadership of top management drive quality? (as your exercise I)
  • Did the organization use feedback or feedforward control for continuous improvement of processes?
  • What’s the organizational strategic planning process? (as your exercise II)
  • What quality training curricula the organization has provided to enhance the quality performance? (as your exercise III)
  • Did the organization win the Baldrige Award? (If yes, you can than talk about the criteria of the Baldrige Award they met for winning the Award.)
  • Did the organization use SQC, QFD (HQC), or JIT for management of process quality?
  • How was the human resource dimension involved in the process control?

Conducting this case study by following the chapters of textbook is not recommended. You may follow the models or Baldrige Award criteria, for example, to conduct and outline your analysis.

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