Affordable / Cheap Assignment Writing Help – Training Methods

Affordable / Cheap Assignment Writing Help – Training Methods

Affordable / Cheap Assignment Writing Help – Training Methods

Affordable / Cheap Assignment Writing Help - Training Methods

be sure about the good language and using Punctuation marks. 
the paper is about " training methods"

the assignment is about one page about 650 words

i want to be done in Wednesday
i sent you the book . the paper should be in chapter 7 (pages 188- 222). the topic is training methods topic starts in page 198.  you can use internet also.  
i sent you a word file  sample about the same subject ( example about training methods  ) so you see and take some idea from it but you have to paraphrase it.
also i sent my first paper as sample ( example of my language and the way of writing) for the same course to see how i want you to write and also my language.
so to write this paper about training methods 
1- identify the job analysis and how it is important to any organization  
2 - write a personal experience about the job analysis 
3- sit up a goals as future manager, in this part need to be specific and also sit up a time for these goal. also how i will evaluate these goals if they were succeeded or not.  
be sure about the language and using Punctuation marks. 

It is important to train employees in a proper manner in order to improve their performance andgenerate efficient and effective work. The importance of training the employees is an essential

feature in management. Employees can gain the necessary knowledge and develop the skills and

abilities required for the particular job with the help of training. The first part of training methods

in any organization is to have fixed objectives and aims. These objectives should be clear and

give complete information about the outcome, the type of methods to be used, to obtain specific

results and the conditions during the training. Training methods are defined as a vital need of any

organization and depending on the needs of the employees and the organization the training

methods can be selected and sometimes more than one method or a combination of two or more

methods can be used to train the employees. While working on the training methods, it is

important to keep in mind that every individual is different and based on this the training method

used can differ. Sometimes the training can be done in groups and sometimes individually. The

training methods for the managerial employees and the non-managerial employees will be

different. The training methods used for managerial employees are: classroom instruction,

audiovisual methods, simulation, on job training, apprenticeship training, programmed

instruction and computer based training and computer based learning. The training methods used

for managerial employees include case studies, behavior modeling, role playing, seminars and

conferences, on-the job experiences and managements games. Role playing and behavior

modeling can give some real life experiences that can help the employees develop positive


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