Cheap Custom Research Papers – Problems of Middle Adulthood

Cheap Custom Research Papers – Problems of Middle Adulthood

Cheap Custom Research Papers – Problems of Middle Adulthood

Cheap Custom Research Papers - Problems of Middle Adulthood - Money and Health

Research Paper : Instructions & Submission
This assignment will be checked using anti-plagiarism software and returned to your instructor with an originality report.

You will revise and refine the initial draft of your research paper, utilizing feedback from your writing tutor and instructor. The process of revising your initial draft will sharpen your own critical skills in editing, helping you learn to better identify areas for improvement. It will also reinforce the importance of adding a draft phase of writing into your future academic and professional writing process.The final draft of your research paper must follow APA style. Grading criteria will include content, writing style, APA format, writing quality (grammar, punctuation, spelling, organization, etc.), and timeliness of submission.This paper will facilitate integration of what you have learned in class, expansion of your cultural competence, practical application of course content, utilization of the library to search for scholarly reference sources, and experience writing an APA format research paper. The process of revision will dramatically improve the quality of your future academic and professional writing.


Your research paper will be based upon one of the interactive cases: The Sanchez Family or Carla Washburn (go to As you review the required content for the paper, carefully read your case study and make detailed notes about your case to address each content area. Select one individual described within either the Sanchez or Washburn case study who will serve as the focus of your research paper.

The following content outline must be followed for full credit:

1) Identify the developmental stage of one individual in the case study who will be the focus of your research.

2) Identify a primary issue or need that relates to this individual. Be sure to select something broad enough to provide you with access to additional resources to write your paper, but not so broad that you can’t adequately cover the topic (e.g., an individual may have a developmental disability. Rather than focus upon the broad category of developmental disabilities, it would be wise to narrow your focus to the specific type of disability, such as autism.

3) Discuss the scope of the issue you have selected. Include statistics and compelling reasons to support why it is important for social workers to be aware of this issue.

4) Identify a theoretical perspective from which you are viewing your issue and provide a rationale (a list of well thought out reasons supported by your research) to support your choice

5) Discuss the biophysical dimensions of your issue as it relates to the individual you’ve selected.

6) Discuss the psychological dimensions of your issue as it relates to the individual you’ve selected.

7) Discuss the social dimensions of your issue as it relates to the individual you’ve selected.

8) Discuss the spiritual dimensions of your issue as it relates to the individual you’ve selected.

9) Consider the issue of oppression as it relates to populations of the southwestern United States. If the individual you’ve selected was a member of a non-dominant group residing in the southwestern United States, what special considerations would a social worker need to be aware of when working with this individual, as it relates to oppression and social justice.

10) Consider what you’ve learned about economic issues. Discuss special considerations concerning the impact of poverty and economic factors related to your individual and issue.

11) Discuss social work recommendations specific to the developmental stage of the individual you’ve selected and the issue upon which you are focusing. Make specific recommendations for interventions or strategies to address your issue based upon solid information about developmental stage, ecological systems, and the biopsychosocialspiritual dimensions studied in class.

Writing Guidelines

Your paper should follow the format of the American Psychological Association (APA). The main body of your paper should be 8-10 pages, with additional pages for your title page, abstract, and reference list. Students should use a minimum of ten (10) reference sources. One of your ten sources can be the Rogers text as an example of a secondary source and another of your ten sources can be the website from which you selected your case example. Please note that use of a minimum number of sources constitutes a grade of C for the portion of the grade related to scholarly sources. Sources may include books, journal articles (which may include scholarly articles available online), interviews (one maximum), and Internet sources that are recent (one maximum, published within the past ten years) and of a scholarly nature. If interviews are used, obtain written permission to site your source and use sources that have some professional knowledge regarding the issue you’ve selected. A maximum of one interview may be used as a source for your paper.

Problems of Middle Adulthood-Money and Health


Every stage of human life has its own good and bad points. From the time of birth till the time of death, a human being goes through many phases of life and at each phase he learns something that helps him to move ahead in life. Middle Adulthood is a period when a person has to face many difficulties. First of all, acceptance of this period is quite difficult. In this period a human being realizes that he is neither too young to handle all the situations of life nor to old to become a dependent member and give up all the fights of life. He wavers between the two periods and this is the early part of old age where a human being realizes that his health is not what it used to be , but there are signs of physical and physiological deterioration. At the same time, a human being may also face problems about earning money. If he has a fixed job, then the problems will not be that severe, but if a human being survives on daily wages, earning money is a difficult task in middle adulthood. Different theories and perspectives can be used to understand the problems in middle adulthood, and the most common problems in this period are related to health and earning money. With the aging process, a person’s physical and physiological changes are quite visible in this period. The theories and perspectives will help to understand the reasons behind the problems of middle adulthood and also to develop intervention methods to deal with the important issues that affect middle aged adults everywhere in the world.

Problems of Middle Adulthood-Money and Health

Middle adulthood is an age when a human being experiences a tremendous physical and mental pressure. Half of his responsibilities will be over by this age, but still there will be new problems cropping up and his mental and physical status will be in the early stages of declining and he may not be able to cope up with the strains of health and monetary needs. My client, Hector Sanchez is 58 years old, and he is the patriarch of the family. He is still a legal permanent resident of America, and he could never gain the status of a citizen. When I asked him if he has any regrets of not getting citizenship, he answered in sad tone that he belongs to this country, but still the country does not belong to him and it is very painful. I asked about his work details and he said that he is working as a laborer in a construction company, which is quite large, but he is concerned about economic ups and downs and is worried if the layoffs begin due to the economic upheaval, he may lose his job. I asked about his health issues and he answered that he has high blood pressure and diabetes. He is trying to get earn some additional income, but his health does not allow him to try for extra earning opportunities. In fact this physical labor with long hours of work, and imbalanced diet are taking their toll on his health. He skips his meals to provide for his family. I asked him whether he can avail any government assistance, and he said that he is too proud to accept government help. His family is eligible for SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but he is not interested in it. When I asked what his major concerns are right now, he answered that his main concerns right now are his health issues and monetary problems because he wants to earn money and take care of his family like a true patriarch (H. Sanchez, personal communication, Apr 5, 2014).

Developmental Stage of the Client

Hector Sanchez is 58 years old belongs to Middle Adulthood, which is the seventh stage of Erickson’s developmental stages. In this stage, the main conflict is between Generativity vs. stagnation. The most important conflict for Hector Sanchez is taking care of his family. He feels he does not have the ability to take care of his family and also his grandson because he does not have affixed job, and he is not in a position to take any extra jobs because of his health issues. He has to think positively about his wife, children and grandson. He has to deal with the present issues and try to look out for ways to deal with the present situation otherwise his life will become stagnated (Stage 7: Middle Adulthood, n.d.).

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