Comment Writing for Discussion – Essay Writing

Comment Writing for Discussion –  Essay Writing

Comment Writing for Discussion – Essay Writing

Comment Writing for Discussion -  Essay Writing


Read and comment on the discussion post. Be sure to include a question about the post at the end of your comment about the post. Comment can be less than 5 or 6 sentences long.  Comments and question MUST be substantive.

Sean is in the contemplation stage because he is talking to his wife about how he feels about his drinking. “This is the stage in which people intend to change, they are informed, aware of the pros of changing BUT ALSO acutely aware of the cons. The balance between costs and benefits of change can produce ambivalence and keep clients stuck in this stage” (Prochaska & DiClemente, n. d.). However, Sean does not seem like he is ready to take any kind of action unless his guilt overrides his drinking problem, although he has to be ready to change his behavior. He does “recognize that his behavior may be problematic and more thoughtful and practical consideration of the pros and cons of changing takes place, with equal emphasis on both” (The Transtheoretical Model, n. d).

No I don’t think Sean feels guilty because he has the power within himself to change his behavior. It does not say how long this has been going on, however they have been married for some time with children who are in school. If he has been staying drunk all this time in his marriage he does not want to change his behavior, so I believe he is talking just to hear himself talk and lying to his wife all at the same time.

The tension is so great that it keeps him drinking, the guilt talk was just an excuse. Sean enjoys drinking and creates his own tension in his family, there would not be any if he tried to change, although he has to go through many changes he has to start the process himself. Then he will need to include his family in his recovery efforts so they can understand why there has been so much tension in their living environment. No the wife and children can join AL-NON and Alateen to get a better understanding of what they can do to help their father and husband to realize the problems he is causing the entire family. They have “put up with a lot” and either they can change their situation, or have an intervention and try to force him to change” (Fields, 2012). The intervention my open his eyes and make him “hit rock bottom,” reaching the point where the consequences of drinking are so bad that Sean decides to do something about his daily drinking problems” (Fields, 2012). Sean has been affecting his family for far to long for them to keep putting up with his behavior, maybe they should just leave him and refuse to return until he gets some help, or put him out. However, they decide to handle it this cannot continue to affect the family the way it has been up until now.


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I feel that Sean is still dwindling between the precontemplation and the contemplation stage because he is not yet ready to take a firm decision.

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