Comments Writing for Discussion – Essay Writing

Comments Writing for Discussion – Essay Writing

Comments Writing for Discussion – Essay Writing

Comments Writing for Discussion - Essay Writing


Read and comment on the discussion post. Be sure to include a question about the post at the end of your comment about the post. Comment can be less than 5 or 6 sentences long.  Comments and question MUST be substantive.

I think Sean is in the contemplation stage of the transtheoretical model of change. This particular stage is when the individual recognizes that there is a problem and is seriously thinking about changing (Fields, 2012). Because Sean tells his wife that he feels guilty about his lack of involvement of with the kids and home says to me that he recognizes a problem and it is getting to him. This acknowledgement proves that he is thinking about changing. Yes I believe that he feels guilty. Because he recognizes that there is a problem and acknowledges his guilt to his wife. He knows that there is a problem and is rationalizing the impact of his behavior. I just believe that if he did not he would deny the behavior altogether. The tension that Sean must be feeling has to make him feel like a failure to let his children and wife down. He is supposed to be the man and the head of the household but because of his substance abuse he cannot seem to get a grasp on either title. The tension must be extremely heavy and depressing. That is probably why he continues to stay drunk. Sean’s wife and kids should take the action stage and put a plan into motion on how to stop enabling Sean and his substance abuse. They should not wait for Sean to seek treatment because it is possible it will not happen. The family has to be rooted in reality and accept the fact that Sean has a problem (Fields, 2012). They should really seek counseling on how to deal with the emotions that they currently have. This has to be an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. They can attend some brief strategic family therapy to get a better understanding of what Sean may be going through. The BSFT interventions are quick and practical and have a problem- focused approach. BSFT is also an effective way to overcome the resistance some family members may have about going to counseling or “digging too deeply” into their emotional



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I believe that Sean is between the precontemplation and the contemplation stage because though he is aware of the problem he is not thinking seriously of changing his habits yet. He is feeling guilty and still the guilt feelings aren’t too strong.

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