Community Service Essay – Online Assignment Help

Community Service Essay – Online Assignment Help

Community Service Essay – Online Assignment Help

Community Service Essay - Online Assignment Help

Two articles different paper like previous assignment that you guys did. due date is tomorrow by 10pm.
 find newspaper or journal articles (NOT ACADEMIC JOURNALS) that show how the issues we have been discussing in class are relevant today.  I have given you a lot of information, and although I have given you examples, the ideas still exist in theory. I want you to see how this is working in practice; how it surrounds us every single day. Consequently, your article must not be older than January 1, 2015.
1 article that shows the first dimension of power
1 article that shows the second dimension of power
You will attach the article (just print it if you found it online, if you read it in a doctors office, take a photo) to your paper that describes how the article itself links to the topic you have chosen and what we discussed in lecture! Your response must be at least 500 words and no more than 750 words long.  Your paper must have 1 inch margins all around and be in Times New Roman font size 12. You can print it on both sides if you want to save paper and it can be single spaced.
Your header will have your last name, first name which topic you have chosen.  To be safe, just copy and paste from below.  This paper is formatted the requested way so you can use it as your template if you want.  
Example of the first dimension of Power in the media
Example of the second dimension of Power in the media
Here are the Journals/Newspapers that I will accept
Scientific America
National Geographic
The Guardian
Wall Street Journal
PBS News Hour
The New York Times
Washington Post
The Economist

Dimensions of PowerAccording to Stephen Lukes, power can be enacted in a transaction in a group and this can be

clearly understood in a set of steps, which he calls dimensions of power. He defines the first

dimension of power as, “All forms of successful control of A over B that is of A securing B’s

compliance” and in simple words it can be explained as the capacity of A to do something to B

that can affect B and change the pattern for future events. (7-BB-Community Empowerment).

The first dimension of power shows that A has successful control over B or A wins all the issues

and has the power over B. This can be seen in the recent example of the deal reached by the

Congress on transportation in the article, “Congress reaches deal on 5-year transportation bill” by

Joan Lowy. Here, Congress (A) has the power over people of the U.S. (B) and it has reached a 5-

year agreement on a $ 281 billion transportation bill. This bill would help the country (B) and its

people in transportation by improving the congested highways and transit systems. The states

were not able to plan long-term projects because of frequent temporary extensions, but now

Congress has taken the decision to solve the issue and it is utilizing its power in the House to

pass the bill, which would solve the issue of transportation and transit systems in the U.S, reduce

accidents and ease the traffic congestion problem.

The Second Dimension of PowerThe second dimension of power is that it “…is not only a matter of getting what one wants, but

rather the ability for one to control the agenda in order to get what one wants”, and according to

Stephen Lukes power relationships maybe contradicting between the people who hold or

exercise power and the real interests of those that are excluded and the agenda is set by A and

what B can do has no effect on A (7-BB-Community Empowerment).

The second dimension of power is related to setting an agenda, and people who have power can

set the agenda. Historians have always had their way of stating facts and figures and they set an

agenda related to the historical topics. They also have the power to present the facts according to

different points of view. Now, the historians in Munich have set the agenda of republish “Mein

Kampf” of Hitler. The Institute for Contemporary History has decided to republish Hitler’s

manifesto to highlight and expose the vicious tirades of the dictator and some of the lies and

half-truths propagated by him (Brumfield, 2015).

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