Connections Paper

Connections Paper

Connections Paper


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You must also submit sign in sheets for each location on Blackboard.


The connection paper should include the following:


  • Briefly describe the two locations where you completed your observations. Include in your description:
    • the address: ISU Child Care Center (Maehling Terrace, University Apartments at 200 Farrington Street-Unit 2)
    •, you can use this to provide the address and the phone number.
    • phone number of the site
    • how many hours you completed at each location (12 hours).
    • name of your contact there (kamilahAlhababi).
    • You will need to attach proof of your hours, and a signature from the person who was your contact. I will be following up with each center to verify. If you do not turn in these documents, you will receive a zero for the paper. If the contact information you provide for the two facilities is not valid, you will receive a zero for the paper. (don’t worry about this I will provide by myself).
    • Remember that forging signatures to verify observation hours is plagiarism.


Compare the development of the children yoau observed at each site using the cognitive, physical, and socioemotional milestones; what were the differences and similarities between the children at each site? Explain how they do/do not align with two theories (Choose from this list:  Piaget, Erikson, Vygotsky, Freud, Bandura or Brofenbrenner).Be sure to include parental socioeconomic status and quality of the child care settings in your explanations.


There is a minimum two page limit; maximum of three pages.  Expectations are as follows:

  • Typed, 12-point font, double spaced, 1” margin all the way around
  • Grammatical and typographical free
  • What you have written is understandable and makes sense



Grading Rubric:

Briefly described two locations where observations were completed

a.      Included addresses

b.      Phone number of site(s)

c.       Name(s) of contacts

d.      Number of hours completed at each location

e.      Proof of hours completed with dates and appropriate signatures


10 points
Developmental milestones (all) of children across sites compared

a.      You were very clear in writing about observations from both locations to detail developmental milestones and thoroughly detailed comparisons and differences between sites.

b.      In your speculation about differences, you included parent socioeconomic status and quality of the day care settings.

40 points
In your explanation about how the observations did/did not align with two theories, you

a.      Defined and explained each theory, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the theory, and

b.      Provided a well-written comparison of your observations and theory you selected

40 points
Correct formatting and grammar, typo free10 points
Total100 points


  • You have the link for the first part.
  • I will provide the name for the children in each classroom:
  • Fatimah, she has five years, she if very friendly and she likes to meet people and introduce herself for people. Also, she like to make friends, she is very wondering girl, she likes to ask questions and know about what she didn’t know.
  • Faisal, he has 4 years, he didn’t like to play with other children as much as he like to play alone. I saw him the first time, he didn’t like to speak English, and he is very shy.
  • Sofia, she has three years old, she is very nice and cute, she is tiny girl. She likes to play either alone or with other children, I saw her like to do the puzzle very much and she is good with this.  She likes to help other kids while they need help.
  • Second classroom:
  • Gazl, she is five, she is an active girl, and she didn’t like to talk with any one. I saw her talking with her teachers and the other children.
  • Reef, she has four years, and she is very quiet girl, I saw her play but I never saw her talking as other children do. I really like her because she is very shy and cute.
  • Lucas, he is three, he is very quiet boy, and I saw him the first time while he was playing on the computer. He like to go from place to another. He moves fast and I think he felt bored because he didn’t like to stay at the same time during five minutes.
  • You will about these two theories Piaget, Erikson, then you will about the children and you compere these six children with these theories.

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