Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes

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Final Exam



Directions:  Choose 5 of the SSE 815 Course Learning Outcomes listed below and answer with the best answer you can develop to meet the objectives you choose (up to 10 points each).  Include each question you choose and your name on your Final Exam document.




  1. Define Management and Describe What Managers do


  1. Define Organizational Culture: Explain Why it’s Important & How it Affects Safety


  1. Explain factors involved in Ethical Behavior and Social Responsibility


  1. Discuss Strategies and Planning for Managing Safety & Security Functions


  1. Discuss Job Analysis for HR purposes and for Job Safety Analysis (JSA)


  1. Identify Effective Ways to Build Your Personal Career


  1. Describe Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress and Increase Employee Motivation


  1. Explain the Impact of various Intelligences such as EI and PQ on Performance


  1. Discuss Keys to Effective Communication for SSE Performance


  1. Define Leadership and Explain How it Impacts Safety Performance


  1. Explain the Overarching Role of Safety Professionals as “Culture Change Agents”



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