Critical Analysis Assignment Help – Critical Incident Analysis

Critical Analysis Assignment Help – Critical Incident Analysis

Critical Analysis Assignment Help – Critical Incident Analysis

Critical Analysis Assignment Help

Reflection & Dialogue – Critical Incident Analysis

Assignment Description:

This assignment is designed to assess student awareness of attitudes and beliefs and to evaluate the

diversity of worldviews within the classroom. Please take your time to be thoughtful and thorough with

the following Critical Incident Analysis.


Reflect on an experience you have had in your life that has involved a cross-cultural experience (positive

or negative) associated with one of the dimensions of diversity. Identify an incident that had

significance for you. The event may have made you stop and think or it raised questions for you about

your beliefs, attitudes, values or behavior.

Write a paper or develop a creative project (follow course writing guidelines) including the following


• Describe the situation you experienced.

• Describe in detail the events as they occurred. (include the events in sequence indicating what,

when, where, how and why the events occurred)

• List the cultural status of the person(s) involved in the situation giving their relationship to one


• Specify how you reacted or handled the situation. Explain what experiences or knowledge

influenced your reaction.

• Explain the type of cross-cultural issues that arose from the situation.

• Describe why the situation was handled well or how it could have been handled better.

• Identify additional information needed to gain a broader perspective from the situation. Locate

at least two sources of information and summarize knowledge gained. Examples: journal

articles, training resources, books, organizations promoting awareness, etc.


• Share your critical incident analysis with classmates on the date designated

• Listen actively to the stories shared

• Write a brief paragraph about each student presentation in your group. Include

o Name of student

o Brief summary of incident (what dimensions of diversity were involved?)

o Share details of the contributions to the conversation. Did classmates share your views?

Were additional perspectives discussed? What was learned in dialogue?

Resources to support the development of this assignment: Students are expected to illustrate evidence

of understanding course material, by citing course material and additional resources.

1. This assignment is designed from methodology used in the following study:

Assessing Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Awareness: A Basis for Curriculum Change

Wasson, Diane H; Jackson, Mary H. Journal of Instructional Psychology29.4 (Dec 1, 2002): 265.

2. Austin & Lee: Diverse Populations & Introduction to Diversity & Inclusive Recreation

3. Students are expected to locate additional literature and resources, cite sources within the body of

the paper/project and develop a list of references using APA style.

Reflection & Dialogue – Critical Incident Analysis

Learning Objectives:

1. Illustrate cross-cultural skills to effectively communicate and respond to the needs and interests

of diverse populations.

2. Analyze barriers and facilitators to inclusive design and practices when operating community


Dimensions of Diversity: Scenario discussed may involve multiple dimensions.




Mental/Physical Ability


Sexual Orientation/Identity

Social Economic Status


Educational Background

Work Style

Communication Style

Geographic Location

Religious Beliefs

Family Status

Military Experience

Recreational Activities

Residential Location

Employment Function/Role

Work Experience





Critical analysis Incident

I would like to describe a negative cross-cultural experience, which had a very deep impact on

my heart and mind. It made me think of the existence of cultural discrimination in the American

society. It happened at the JFK Airport when I returned after my summer holidays. It was just a

normal day as any other day, but I could feel something wrong in the way the airport officials

looked at me. I felt I was being closely observed. My passport and visa were scrutinized again

and again and my address was confirmed and re-confirmed. Then my luggage was thoroughly

searched by at least five airport officials. I was asked to step aside and wait for further

questioning by the senior officer. I could not understand what was going on and I was getting

annoyed because my next journey was pre-planned and I had to catch the next flight. I was

detained at the airport for five long hours and then I was sent away with a sorry and a short

explanation of identity mistake. I was very angry and felt like suing the white officials who had

kept me waiting for five long hours.

I am from Middle East and the officials who had questioned and checked me were White

Americans. The way they looked at me and questioned me showed as if they were sure that I am

the guilty party and I have done some crime. They were not ready to offer any explanations till

they completed their questioning and scrutiny. Even after five hours of detaining me their sorry

did not appear like a sorry, but it appeared as if they are doing some kind of favor for me by

leaving me. I could not understand their behavior completely and later when I reached home and

saw the newspapers I came to know that the airport officials were suspecting the entry of some

terrorists from Middle East and therefore every Middle Easterner was being thoroughly checked

and questioned. After reading the newspapers, I could understand the behavior of the officials

and felt that in similar situation even the officials in my country would have behaved in a similar

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