Custom Argumentative Essay Writing – Childhood Obesity

Custom Argumentative Essay Writing – Childhood Obesity

Custom Argumentative Essay Writing – Childhood Obesity

Custom Argumentative Essay Writing - Childhood Obesity

English 101

Dr. Karen L. Newman

Fall 2015

Paper 2: Argument Paper

Draft due-date: Thursday, October 8, 2015 (2 copies)

Paper due-date: Thursday, October 22, 2015 (1 copy, stapled, with drafts and

Rationale: An argument essay is a very common type of college essay – in fact, most all college

essays contain an “argument” of sorts, that is, you as a writer propose a position, “claim,” or belief on

a given topic or issue, and “argue” your case for why your position/thesis is “true,” valid, or worthy of

consideration. “Argument” in this sense does not mean an angry or heated discussion, but rather,

carefully-chosen reasons (i.e., your point of view) that you offer for or against something.

In an argument essay, you create a strong thesis statement, and, in the body of the essay, you

carefully provide evidence, typically from a combination of sources, such as 1) your own or others’

anecdotal experience; 2) factual and/or current data (statistics); and 3) information from your

research on the topic (authorities, sources) for why your position is “right” or credible, and why your

A well-written argument essay also includes a discussion of different or conflicting points of view on

the topic (a “counterargument”) and indicates why your perspective is “better” or “stronger” than the

other points of view. In short, you try to persuade your reader that your position is valid, based on

Assignment: As a multicultural nation and complex society made up people with passionately

differing beliefs, the U.S. is still struggling to cope with diversity (race, ethnicity, language, religion,

gender, sexuality, access to health care, diet choices, body size, etc.) more than 50 years after the Civil

Rights Act of 1964. Protests over examples of police brutality toward unarmed African Americans in

Ferguson and Baltimore, and the recent, divisive Supreme Court Ruling legalizing same-sex marriage

in the US, are recent cases in point. Such diversity issues are excellent starting points for argument

essays, because we all have passionate feelings one way or the other about them.

Drawing on diversity, you will have a choice of one of the following topics for your argument essay’s

theme. (Note: You can choose to argue either for or against the topic.)

 Why it is (or isn’t) reasonable for law enforcement to practice racial profiling in the U.S. (or

 Why it is (or isn’t) reasonable for same-sex marriage to be legalized in your home country

 Why it is (or isn’t) reasonable for public institutions (schools, universities, etc.) to have

gender-neutral bathrooms to accommodate transgendered people

 Why it is (or isn’t) reasonable for the U.S. to make financial reparations to Native

Americans and return stolen land to them

 Why it is (or isn’t) reasonable for collegiate women’s sports to continue to be funded in the

U.S., even if they don’t bring in equal amounts of revenue, as compared to men’s sports

 Why it is (or isn’t) reasonable for more people to adopt a vegan (no meat or animal

 Why it is (or isn’t) reasonable for schools to intervene with families to prevent childhood

Your paper should contain a clear and strong thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, and

you must incorporate at least three quotes (but no more than five, total) in support of your

argument from two different, credible sources on your topic. In addition, you must also offer a

counterargument(s) for your position. You are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss

feedback sheets; upload to Turnitin)

your paper with me, and, if you’d like, to visit or consult online/via phone with the Writing Lab for

All sources you use must be in English and acquired through legitimate research conducted via

library databases, organization websites, or acquired from scholarly sources. (Refer to Module on

Library Research for how to acquire legitimate sources.)

Your essay should be 4-5 pages in length, and consist of approximately 1,200+ words. It will be

written in drafts and peer-edited. See the separate directions for using Turnitin.

Note: Papers that contain any evidence of plagiarism will receive the grade of F!

Grading Rubric – Argument Essay

Criteria Possible


Title and Introduction. A title is provided that clearly specifies the topic. The introduction sets the tone of

the essay, and clearly provides a reason or purpose for the importance of your topic and your argument. ____ / 3

Introduction/Thesis. The introduction contains an identifiable topic sentence and controlling, “argument”

thesis statement to which subsequent, supportive details can consistently and effectively relate. The thesis

is clear, arguable, well-developed, and clearly states your “position” on the topic. Additionally, there is a

Organization & Structure. The body of the paper logically supports the thesis statement. Writing

progresses in clearly ordered stages that are easily followed and comprehended. Topic sentences clearly

relate to the thesis. By using specific, substantial, and relevant details, writing follows a consistent

organizational style for argumentation. The essay makes sense as a “whole.” At least one possible

counterargument is offered and refuted in the paper.

Organization & Structure. Sufficient points, examples, details, and evidence are provided in support of

the thesis and argument, and are relevant to theme of the argument and the paper. Includes at least three

direct quotes from two quality, credible sources; quotes are punctuated and annotated properly. All

paraphrases are also properly noted and annotated. The sources are appropriately integrated into the body

of the argument. There is not excessive quoting or over-reliance on quotations that otherwise detract from

Transitions. Appropriate transitional words and phrases are used throughout the writing to keep

relationships among ideas clear. The paper moves fluidly from one idea to the next. ____ / 3

Conclusion. Restates the thesis, and states a thoughtful or logical conclusion based on the argument

addressed throughout the essay. ____ / 4

Grammar, Spelling, and Writing Conventions. No or minimal grammatical errors are present. The paper

is correctly punctuated and there are no or minimal spelling errors. Sentences are correct and varied in

Format. Paper is stapled, is 4 ½ - 5 pages in length (not longer), 1,200+ words, and is submitted on time.

Includes a “Works Cited” section at the end of the paper, with correct use of MLA format for all cited works.

Turnitin is used to verify academic honesty. The paper uses MLA format throughout. Final version was

Draft Process. Draft was submitted on due-date; draft was thoughtfully constructed and of sufficient length

(minimum 800 words) for peer and instructor feedback. Evidence of incorporation of feedback into final

____ / 4

____ / 8

____ / 9

____ / 7

____ / 6

____ / 6

Total Points: ____ / 50

Childhood Obesity: Schools Should Intervene with Families

According to WebMd, out of five children one child suffers from obesity in the US (WebMd). It

is a surprising figure, and at the same time it is a scary one. Children can suffer from multiple

diseases due to their obesity and they may not get a chance to enjoy a happy childhood because

of the diseases and their obesity. Obesity can affect a child physically, socially and

psychologically. A child may not be able to make friends and get social because of his or her

obesity. A child may suffer psychological problems, such as low confidence levels, depression

and even anxiety due to his or her weight issues. Parents have an important role in controlling the

obesity in children, and at the same time schools can play a vital role to reduce the obesity levels.

The best way possible to deal with this complex and scary issue of childhood obesity is that the

schools should intervene with parents and design special programs that can help to reduce

obesity, help the children to live a happy life and keep away diseases, which can affect their

present and future.

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