Custom Assignment Writing : Atlantic Slave Trade was influenced by the Europeans

Custom Assignment Writing : Atlantic Slave Trade was influenced by the Europeans

Custom Assignment Writing : Atlantic Slave Trade was influenced by the Europeans

Custom Assignment Writing

my history course is about world history since 1700
and I have an assignment for it
the assignment is Essay should be ..

 (at least 500 words)

  1. 1)  Organize your response with a thesis,body, and a conclusion.
  2. 2)  Synthesize information from your text, secondary sources, primary sources, and class lectures.
  3. 3)  Note time and place when employing evidence.
  4. 4)  Address what scholars mean by the word Eurocentrism.
  5. 5)  Identify which historical “events” (Columbian Exchange or, Atlantic Slave Trade or, Enlightenment or, Atlantic Revolutions) that you believe to have been the least and most European-influenced. Explain why.
  1. we can use the information from our text book for the class which isJerry H. Bentley & Herbert F. Ziegler, Traditions & Encounters, vol. 2: From 1500 to the Present (Fifth Edition)
the submission should be Tomorrow Tuesday at 6:00 PM
Atlantic Slave Trade was influenced by the EuropeansHistory reveals some interesting facts and it also shows the dominance of different cultures.

Although we study history as a global subject, there are certain times when we can perceive it from the perspective of a single culture and this is obvious when we look at the Atlantic slave trade. There were many countries that got involved in this trade, but the Europeans were the most dominant in this particular trade. The essay written by David Eltis, “A Brief Overview of the Atlantic Slave Trade” provides sufficient evidence to prove the dominance of the Europeans in the Atlantic slave trade. The time line and the other associated documents, such as maps and the manuscripts also show the European involvement. The Atlantic slave trade was the most European influenced historical event.

In the essay, “A Brief Overview of the Atlantic Slave Trade”, David Eltis clearly explains the involvement and influence of the Europeans on the Atlantic slave trade. For centuries slavery was the main reason behind the contact between Europeans and Africans. The reason behind the slavery was the expansion of the Europeans in the Americas. The Europeans came to know of new products like tobacco and also found sugar and precious metals like gold and they wanted to produce it abundantly, so they needed cheap labor. The Europeans migrants and indentured

servants were not enough for the Europeans and the main option left for them to gain the tropical produce and the precious metals was to obtain coerced labor or slavery (Eltis, 2007). The Europeans had the necessary ocean-going technology and this equipped them with the power to get easy access and dominate the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The Europeans were not in a position to enslave other Europeans, so the best answer for them to enslave the Africans. The six European Imperial powers , the English, the French, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Danish and the Spanish all operated with the help of slave trade and produced coffee, tobacco, rice, indigo, sugar, alcohol and precious metals. The growth in European economy further established the role of Europeans in slave trade and also prompted them to continue with the slave trade (Eltis, 2007).

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