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Custom Case Study Writing Service

Custom Case Study Writing Service

Custom Case Study Writing Service


Read and comment on the discussion post. Be sure to include a question about the post at the end of your comment about the post. Comment can be less than 5 or 6 sentences long.  Comments and question MUST be substantive.

In this case study the first step would be to go through the proper channels of the schooling system, which would be the guidance counselor of the youth and school principals to make aware of a problem that need to be addressed as soon as possible, after getting the proper people involved you would start a plan. A.1.c. Counseling Plans ,The counselor and client work together to form a counseling plan that will offer a reasonable success, as well as be consistent with the abilities, temperament, developmental level, and circumstances of the client (ACA 2014). Remembering this child is only nine years old, situation of a gang related death in the family, as well as her parent’s mother and father are separating, this can lead into a social services situation if a proper plan is not applied to this emotional situation Argosy University. (2016). Daphne, being a counselor would know the proper channels to take, but in this case she would have to be assigned the case through the department of education or by the family to proceed with addressing this because of the child’s age.

An important roles of a counselor working in a community, would be knowing the community and its cultures, ethnics groups, as well as the environment. One major act would being able to address who, where and how a person in the community could seek access to help in situations and find all the information they may need for any type of assistance. D.2.b. Informed Consent in formal consultation, a counselor would need to review in writing and to verbally explain to them in language that they understand about the limits of confidentiality and what she hopes to accomplish during the therapeutic process (ACA, 2014). These Codes serve as an ethical guide designed to assist members in constructing a course of action that best serves those utilizing counseling services and establishes expectations of conduct with a primary emphasis on the role of the professional counselor (ACA, 2014).   In my opinion being a friend of the teacher, I would discuss the best options to move the situation forward, the school or social services of that district and a governing advocate for the child would have to be involved in such a situation through the proper channels of the schooling system, which would be the guidance counselor of the youth and school principals so every body is on the same page,so to speak, to make aware of a problem that need to be addressed as soon as possible.



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I completely agree with you that the best of helping the teacher would be going through the proper channels and addressing the emotional and delicate situation in an appropriate manner.

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