Custom Essay Paper Writing – Slingshot-Drag Racing

Custom Essay Paper Writing – Slingshot-Drag Racing

Custom Essay Paper Writing – Slingshot-Drag Racing

Custom Essay Paper Writing

I have a paper which is due tomorrow as same this time.
I have issue which is you have to join my account to be able to watch the video.
This 30 minute video is available to students through the blackboard management system.  This video documents a major economic shift in drag racing from participant to spectator.
  • The essay should be more than 600 words
  • Citations, abstracts, or a particular writing style format are not required for this assignment.

Slingshot-Drag Racing

Drag racing is a fascination and drag racing is also a passion. The video has a thrilling effect and

every passing motor in the video with its fabulous design can ensure the viewers that drag racing

is all about getting an out of the world feeling. It is true that people who fall in love with drag

racing cannot come out of easily and there is no one who can declare that he does not love

racing. Tony Nancy’s words are absolutely correct in the video that the person who says that he

The motors used in the video are fascinating and the history of drag racing is truly revealed

through the Southern Californian racing ground of 1940. The way people are fixing the engines

and their passion for the race is thrilling. It also gives shivers to think that people even in that era

were ready to take all kinds of risks for the sake of drag racing. Some of the vehicles appear as if

they will not be able to survive the race and breakdown anytime, but survive they did and even

the racers have survived to tell their story of hot passion for cars and races. The expression on

the faces of the racers reveals the story of their passion and love for racing, and their eagerness

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