Custom Law Essay Writing – Research Paper Help

Custom Law Essay Writing – Research Paper Help

Custom Law Essay Writing – Research Paper Help

Custom Law Essay Writing

Hi, we are supporting the gym policy, do you think you can write about how to support this policy Based  on law and ethics rules , follow the link to know the story 
For your papers, remember that they need to cite law,ethics and perhaps even best practices in management to support your case. I have posted an announcement previously with the minimum sections I am looking for. The papers should be about 15 pages double spaced. You need at least 7 references. Make sure you use headings and good transitions. Make the paper look nice, flow well and sound reasonable. You are making a case. Set up the background - the current factual issues, set up the status of the legal issues, set up your position - justify it with law and ethics principles (public policy will work as well) and perhaps management technique. cite what you believe the other side will say and spend a little time shooting it down. Then conclude with what you really want and why.
part 1 background of the story ABOUT 2 PAGES
 Part 2 ABOUT 2 PAGES , the tutor has to be in the gym side, so he needs to think about what other side is going to say and he needs to defend it, below you can find links the associated with the case, these links have both sides, try to set up argument of what opponent and proponent will say, but I need you to stand by the gym side, try to create ACT or LAW or Constitution and give it name to support Transgender and protect gym policies, USE Ethics and law in order to justify the gym sides

Transgender Law: Equal Treatment for EveryoneIn the eyes of law, every individual deserves equal rights and if any individual is being

denied the civil rights then it may lead to discrimination. Gender discrimination is a common

issue being faced by many people, but one more issue that is slowly taking over the legal world

is the transgender discrimination. Transgender people are being denied their rights to use Gym

and toilet facilities because of their gender. This particular issue has raised many questions of

equality for all, and solving the situation is getting difficult day by day because of the lack of

support from general public. There have been cases where the transgender people have filed their

own viewpoint and demanded equal rights of using Gym and other public facilities according to

their gender, and there are cases where the other people have filed cases against schools, Gyms

and other institutions for allowing the transgender people to use the “wrong” gender facility,

which is hurting for their feelings. Different States have approved laws supporting the usage of

Gym and other facilities by the transgender people, while some States have denied the

transgender people the rights to use the Gym facilities and other facilities legally. The

transgender people have legal rights according to Human Rights and Civil Rights Law, and

therefore they cannot be denied their rights and they deserve equal treatment in society and equal

rights to all the facilities, such as Gym or toilet or any other public facility according to their

gender as denying them their basic rights will be considered as discrimination. The transgender

individuals need support from the society and in the case of the Planet Fitness, Michigan the

support to the transgender individuals is obvious and it also shows that the society is changing its

trends. Planet Fitness has a “no Judgment Zone” and all the clients are treated equally. There is

no discrimination against the clients, and when one of the woman member’s, Yvette Cormier,

complained inappropriately against a transgender individual entering the women’s locker room,

her membership was revoked. The woman has sued the fitness center saying that she is not

against the policy of the Fitness Center, but she was not aware of the policies and she is bothered

about the safety of the other women who are the members of the club. The exact reason her

membership was revoked was she started backbiting against the Center. She started telling other

women that, “…'just so you know, there's a man they allow in this locker room and they don't

tell you that when you sign up,'” and this inappropriate propaganda was the main reason behind

her membership being canceled (Grinberg, 2015).

What is transgender?

Transgender people are the individuals who have characteristic features of male or female

anatomies, but they have a feeling that they are into wrong bodies, for example a transgender

woman may have a male anatomy, but she may feel womanly and may consider surgery or sex-

change operation to become a woman anatomically (What's the difference between being

transgender or transsexual and having an intersex condition?, 2008).

Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act

This Act 453 of 1976 defines civil rights, “ to prohibit discriminatory practices, policies

and customs in the exercise of those based upon religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex,

height, weight, familial status, or marital status; to preserve the confidentiality of records

regarding arrest, detention or other disposition in which a conviction does not result; to prescribe

the powers and duties of the civil rights commission and the department of civil rights; to

provide remedies and penalties ; to provide for fees ; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts”

(Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, n.d.).

It is important to understand that the ACT has not used the word transgender, but it states

clearly that discrimination based on gender cannot be tolerated by law; however, the Act does

not include any protection for the gays, transgender, Lesbian and bisexual individuals and does

not have any clause related to the discrimination against them. This Act prohibits discrimination

of any kind in the different institutions, such as schools, public organizations, public utility

places and business areas. Different States have been trying to add laws to this Act that would

offer protection to these individuals and stop discrimination against them.

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