Custom Paper Writing Services – Groupthink

Custom Paper Writing Services – Groupthink

Custom Paper Writing Services – Groupthink

Custom Paper Writing Services - Groupthink

According to Irving Janis (1972), groupthink is the process by which we conform to others'

decisions even when we individually disagree with these decisions.

Imagine that Fred is the manager of a bookstore, and the sales of books have slowed in recent

months. Fred decides to meet with his employees to find ways to reduce expenses and increase


To reduce the possibility of groupthink before the start of the meeting, Fred encourages everyone

to speak up with their opinions—no matter what those opinions are.

 Discuss why groupthink takes place. What characteristics of a group most often lead to


 Do you agree with Fred's strategy to reduce the likelihood that groupthink will occur?

 Which other strategies can Fred employ to reduce the likelihood of groupthink during the


Due By Sunday, August 17, 2014,


Irving Janis, a social psychologist, coined the term “Groupthink”. According to Irving

Janis, group think occurs when a group comes to faulty decisions due to group pressures that

may affect moral judgement, mental efficiency and reality testing. Group think leads to

ignorance of possible alternatives and irrantional decisions that may dehumanize the other

groups. One of the main causes behind group think is that the members assume that a majority

decision or view is unanimous and therefore must be right and effective.

Group think occurs due to different reasons. First, if the members of the group are of the

same background, second if the group is affected by outside opinions and third if people do not

have or the group does not have clear rules to make decisions (What is Groupthink?, n.d.).

Fred’s strategy to reduce the chances or possibility of group think is effective because he

has clearly emphasizes and encourages that each member of the group should express his or her

opinions, irrespective of the type of opinions, so he has given an open welcome to all the

members to express their true opinion without getting influenced by inward or outward pressure.

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