Custom Report Writing Services – Physical Space

Custom Report Writing Services – Physical Space

Custom Report Writing Services – Physical Space

Custom Report Writing Services

it just a page of individual written report for evaluation - report outlines all individual  experiences for completing the asset map work. My work is in the attach (In the map all the color of pinpoint is representing something, the color codes are: All the businesses, parks is in Green, Schools are Yellow, Healthcare are Blue, Non-profit Organization are Purple, Transport which is bus stops are Red, Governments are Orange), my area is the Phoenix City center area, so there is a lot of for-profit and non profit organizations, good and nice neighborhood, a lots of residential area. public transportations systems is very good and convenient  in this area, if you have further question just let me now, thanks, due time tonight 11pm. The instructions is here:
This is what project about, and i'm in Physical Space group.
Description:  Using asset-based community development (ABCD) methodology, students will develop a map outlining the resources, skills and experience available in a specified community.  The purpose of the project is to collect and communicate assets with the intent to empower the community by leveraging existing strengths.
The process of participatory asset mapping involves identification and illustration of existing or potential connections between service organizations, neighborhood associations, community organizations and other groups that exist and serve in the community.  The process requires several approaches to gathering information and illustrating the knowledge gained.
The intent of this project is to lay a foundation for the project with St. Vincent de Paul. It is an exploratory stage that involves identifying connections and engaging with the resources to learn about their visions, interests and potential contributions to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals in our community who need the support. 
Physical Space: Students in this group will be gathering information about the physical assets surrounding the St. Vincent de Paul facility such as land, parks, buildings, and transportation.  Students in this group will use Google Earth or a similar program to map out a 2 mile radius “look” area surrounding St. Vincent de Paul.  The students will physically explore this area to record physical assets and potential connections to St. Vincent DePaul.  The map will be coded and a key created to identify each asset.  This group is a good match if you are a student who
  • has dreams of being a cartographer or loves stories of Lewis and Clark
  • interested in walking/driving through the neighborhood surrounding St. Vincent de Paul
  • thinks critically about space potential
  • good with maps, not directionally impaired
  • enjoys putting together a large map display and using office supplies to mark assets
  • able to work with a printing company to get a map printed

The CDR-St Vincent De Paul is a beautiful place in the heart of the Phoenix City and has

really some wonderful assets and sites. It is interconnected with an excellent transport system

and one can find bus stops placed at a very close distance, may be less than a mile. So, it is very

easy to commute in this area. This area is comparatively greener because there are many huge

parks, such as the Encanto Park, Phoenix Parks District Office and Margaret T. Hance Park.

These parks add to the greenery, but I believe it will be good if some more parks are added as it

will make this part of the city look more environment-friendly.

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