Custom Research Paper Help – The Ethics of Coke

Custom Research Paper Help – The Ethics of Coke

Custom Research Paper Help – The Ethics of Coke

Custom Research Paper Help

The Ethics of Coke. I want you to use the Ethics material we have discussed so far, these articles and your own research and talk to me about whether Coke is an ethical company. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Be sure to tell me the ethical framwork you are using from chapter 5. And the advice you would give to Coke to assist them with their image.

in this research you need to prove whether the coca- cola is ethical company or not. there are some website above to use to support your idea and also the book in the attachment, you have to use different website also to support the idea.

introduction only three quarter of page not more than that , most of the writing should be in ethical  section with clear justification of facts ( expand in ethic part and in supporting ideas)

it is a research paper

The minimum number of pages is 6, due date Monday, read chapter 5 of the attached book, use extra references such as websites, journals , book

The Ethics of Coke

Ethics is a philosophical word that has lot of importance in day to day life and also the

business world. Ethics can help to decide the difference between right and wrong, and ethics can

also help to realize the importance of moral values. Truth or telling everything openly and

accurately is part of ethics and this particular ethical value of telling the truth and avoiding

deception of people has a lot of significance in the business world. There is a specific code of

conduct, but this may not cover all the business situations. Many companies have the habit to

hide the complete truth under the cover of complex clauses and false advertisements that do not

show reality. Coca-Cola is one such company that has gained a lot of name and fame, but now it

is hiding facts and reality by telling lies and using unethical means of supporting research work,

which may be more for personal gain of the company rather than to help the consumers.

The first thing that Coca-Cola Company can do to prove that it is not crossing the ethical

limits is to take the Rotary International’s four-way test (Collins, 2009). The four-way test asks

certain questions related to company ethics, such as is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will

it build goodwill and better friendships? And will it be beneficial to all concerned? The answers

that the company will give about truth, fairness, goodwill, better friendships and benefits can

help it to decide if it had been taking moral and ethical decisions and if not, where it had been

going wrong and how it can correct itself right away to avoid further unethical situations and


Before deciding whether Coca-Cola is an ethical company or not, let us try to find the

effects of this drink on human health. Orthophosphoric acid is the active ingredient of Coca-Cola

and it is highly acidic in nature. The cisterns that carry the drink are equipped with special

reservoirs because of the highly corrosive materials in the drink. Just the anatomy of one of the

Coca-Cola products can help to understand the effects of this drink on our health. Coca-Cola

Light without caffeine is a much advertised product of the company and has E 150 D, E 952, E

951, E338, E330, E211 and Aromas (What Happens To Our Body After Drinking Coca Cola?,



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