Custom Research Paper Writing Help-Tourism in Jordan

Custom Research Paper Writing Help-Tourism in Jordan

Custom Research Paper Writing Help-Tourism in Jordan

Custom Research Paper Writing

Tourism in Jordan

Paper 1 (paper 2 assignment i will contact with u guys next with):
Proofread very carefully. Points will be taken off for errors. Use the headings and subheadings noted above to separate each section. Using the outline above as a guide for headings, you may also include other headings where appropriate. Failure to include headings and sub headings will result in points lost.
Citations are important for all information, data, or statistics from any and all sources. You must include a bibliography for all references of ALL websites, books and journal articles used and you must use in- text citations throughout the paper. Please use APA style as this is standard in our field. Consult the APA Publication Manual if you have questions on how to reference your source materials.
•  paper should be about 6 - 8 pages including references and title page (longer is fine). This
means that both papers if combined will be anywhere from 12 – 16 pages!
• Double spaced
• paper should use at least 3 - 5 sources (Wikipedia may be a good starting point but cannot
be one of your sources). You may use some of the same sources for each paper.
  • Use APA style. If you are more comfortable with another style feel free to use that.
Project is to investigate tourism in a country of your choice (chose ONE country, excluding the US and Canada). You must focus on a country and not a particular city or region. The purpose of the paper is to explore tourism as an industry in the country. It is not meant to be a travel guide, but an in depth look at various aspects of tourism. The paper is divided into two parts. In Paper One give an overview of the country and how each topic is related to tourism. In Paper Two provide information and analysis about tourism specific issues in the country. Both papers are important and related to one another but you will likely spend more time on Paper Two as this requires more detailed research, a critical approach to the information you find, as well as integration of many things we talked about throughout the semester
Overview of the country - You must link each section back to tourism today in your selected country, this is the most important part! For example, don’t simply say people visit the country because of the history, geography or location. Instead think about how all of these things impact tourism in the country. There is a lot of reference material on this topic including the textbook, readings and lectures from class.
* Include a general description of the country from a tourism perspective on the following topics:
-Brief history
-Population and Demographics – For example, Who lives there? Is the population
centered in a certain area(s)? How do these things impact tourism?
-Location in the world
- Physical geography
-Cultural geography (ethnic groups, indigenous people, cultures and languages)
-Government – including the administration of tourism. Is there a tourism authority
operated by the government or what do they do?
-Economic system


Assignment 1: Paper 1

Tourism in Jordan

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Tourism in Jordan


If a person wants to enjoy a real royal treatment and still feel at home even on foreign

grounds and amidst a totally Middle East culture, he or she should visit Jordan. It is a beautiful

country and an exotic escape, which can be rightfully called the mixture of the traditional and

modern and the ethnic and the latest trend. The tourist number is increasing, but still Jordan

continues to follow the past traditions and also bear the burden of the challenges of

modernization (Walker, 2015). It is still safe to be in Jordan and enjoy the Middle Eastern culture

with a slightly modern touch. The natural beauty and the architecture of the country are worth

the visit and at the same time the religious places and the historical places can woo the tourists to

come again and again. The tourism department is working hard to attract the tourists and provide

all the modern amenities, and still provide the glimpses of the old world. The people are friendly

and the food is another attraction of this place. If you want to visit a country that is unique and

different from your own and shows the mixed trends of the past and present, then you should

visit Jordan.

History of Jordan

The history of Jordan is as old as mankind. Stone Age hunters lived in Jordan before

8000 BC. After 1500 BC, Moab, Edom and Amon were the highly organized kingdoms of

Jordan. The Nabateans, the Arabs who had migrated to Jordan, developed sea routes and made

Petra their capital. The historical ruins of Petra can show the grand impact of the Roman and

Islamic rule. Jordan did not change much till the 19 th century, but after its independence in 1946

and under the rule of King Abdullah it developed into a beautiful country. The population of the

country is 6.5 million today and in spite of poverty and unemployment Jordan is fighting hard to

deal with the economic issues. The country has a great potential for tourism (Lambert, 2012).

Population and Demographics

The overall population as of July 2014 is 7,930,491. There are around 35.8% people

belonging to the age group of 0-14 years, there are 20.4% people belonging to the age group of

15-24 years, there are 35.7% belonging to the age group of 25-54 years and 4.2 % are people

belonging to 55-64 years. The total population of males versus females is 1.03 males per female.

The literacy rate in Jordan can be called as good because people above the age of 15 and over

can read and write. Muslims are in majority and predominant are the Sunnis (97.2%), Christians

and the different sects of Christians are the next (2.2%), Buddhist form 0.4% of the population,

Hindus form 0.1%, and other folk religion are lesser than 1 (Jordan Demographics Profile 2014,

2014). King Abdullah II is the ruler of the country and the Prime Minister is Abdullah Ensour.

The type of government in Jordan is constitutional hereditary monarchy (Jordan, n.d.).

The population and demographics show that the country is not heavily populated and literacy

rate is good. The government encourages tourism and has launched the Jordan Tourism Board

that has been planning strategies to attract more and more tourists.

Location in the World and Physical Geography

Jordan is a small and beautiful kingdom located in the Middle East (Jordan, 2015). On

the west, it is bordered by Israel and the Dead Sea and on the north it has Syria and on the east it

has Iraq. Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia on the south. The country is usually hot and has

dry, hot and long summers and short and cool winters. August is the hottest month and January is

the coldest month. The country also gets sandstorms when the winds are strong and receives

rainfall between November and March. Rainfall may vary year to year and according to seasons

and local flooding may occur in the winter months (Jordan , 2015).

The tourists can enjoy different landscapes. They can see the dry hills and mountains and

also the flat desert plateau. The Jordan River is another attraction for the tourists apart from the

Great Rift Valley (Jordan, n.d.). One natural barrier for tourism is climate, but the mountainous

regions, desert plateaus and Mediterranean type climate can help the tourists to adjust with the

climate. Still, spring and fall are the best seasons for the tourists to enjoy the different attractions

of Jordan, such as The giant red mountains, the Jordan valley, the Dead Sea, the shrines, the

treasury, the vast mausoleums and museums, and the ancient-cum- modern city of Petra (Jordan ,


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