Custom Research Paper Writing Service for US Students – Poverty

Custom Research Paper Writing Service for US Students – Poverty

Custom Research Paper Writing Service for US Students – Poverty

Custom Research Paper Writing Service for US Students - Poverty

1-      I am writing a definition paper for my English class, I have chosen Poverty, famine and poor. One requirement for this paper is to find an expert like you who could help me to define Poverty according to Psychologists and Sociologists prospective. I knew that when Psychologists study intelligence, they have taken into account the class of people and their wealth or poor status

2-      In your count, when people are called poor and what is the level of income so people are called poor?.

4. To me my friend, when I think of poverty, I think there is no food, no water, no home. They dont live, they barely survive.
Children may not have access to education, to healthcare and maybe they are homeless.

Does that help?


In the third world countries, poverty is one common word and one can say it is well known and people also can understand the meaning of it easily because they experience it practically. Poverty can be defined in relation with a few words: poor, famines, droughts, unemployment, lack of facilities, starvation, misery, no money, no material goods, no clothes, no riches, and many more things.

When a person does not have money to buy the required necessities of life like food, clothes and shelter, he will termed as a poor person or a person who is facing poverty. It is basically a noun form that indicates the state of people who do not have money, riches, and goods and have to starve and face all the miseries of life.

People do not usually like poverty. It is considered as a curse on humanity and depending on who is defining it the meaning changes constantly. Religiously it may be defined as a curse; socially it can be defined as an ill-developed society and poor social status. A charity organization may define poverty as a state where people beg for money or food or clothes or to avail medical treatment. Christianity and Islam may define poverty as a state of people where

they do not have money to buy food, clothes and shelter. It is basically a state of lack of money because if people have money they can buy food, clothes and shelter.

Poverty can be also defined economically on the basis of the overall income generated in a country. The income earned by every citizen of a nation can also be used to phrase the definition of poverty. A country with poor income, no development, lack of education, unemployment and lack of common facilities can be defined as a country facing poverty. Thus poverty can be defined in multiple ways religiously, socially, economically, and depending on the person who is defining it.

I am from Saudi Arabia, which is classified as one of the richest gulf countries. My country is rich because it produces the highest quantity of oil in the world. My country’s name itself is synonymous to richness. Oil produced from my country is sold around the world and therefore it is rich. Another reason for its richness is it is blessed with the special place called God’s own house, the Mecca, and where we have God’s own house, can people face poverty in such a place?

The meaning of the word poverty is difficult to grasp by the rich people of my country. If they ever want to define poverty, they will use the poverty standards levels in other countries such as Africa and USA to define the exact terms. On an average, I do not think anyone can be seen to be facing poverty in my country. May be the village life and city life will be different and based on that they may have a different lifestyle, but the people nowhere near to the poverty levels or standards given by other countries. Richness also depends to which family we belong, some

families in my country are the richest in the world, some families may be poor, but you can never find any beggars in my country. It could be because of the strict Islamic rules of social equality and charity. Every rich or poor man has to donate a part of his earnings and because the money is divided among the needy ones, we do not have poverty in my country. If the whole world follows the example of my country, we can fight against this evil and no one in the world will sleep hungry, no one in the world will have to face the harsh winters or warm weathers because of lack of clothes, and no one will have to sleep in the open. Poverty exists in countries because people do not have the heart to part from their materialistic possessions. In my country, it is compulsory to donate a part of their income, so even the poorest earning family does not have to face any poverty.

In an article in The Economist poverty has been defined in various ways, “Poverty means different things in different countries. In Europe, the poor are those whose income falls below 60% of the median. Britain uses three measures: one relative, one absolute and a broader indicator of material deprivation, such as whether a child can celebrate his birthday. The United Nations' “human- development index” assesses countries across a range of indicators, such as

schooling and life expectancy. America's official poverty measure is far simpler. Developed in the 1960s, the poverty threshold represents the basic cost of food for a household, multiplied by three. A family is judged to be poor if its pre-tax income falls below this threshold” (Measure by measure, 2011)

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