Discuss Heterosexual, Monogamous Marriage in Malaysia

Discuss Heterosexual, Monogamous Marriage in Malaysia

Discuss Heterosexual, Monogamous Marriage in Malaysia

Discuss heterosexual, monogamous marriage in Malaysia (may include a discussion of

weddings if you like Compared and contrasted about heterosexual (marriage) in Malaysia and


-(2 scholar articles from google scholar about Malaysia) and for the America I will send it

to you by WhatsApp.

-ASA citation

-hook the leader introduction about Malaysia


-Summary about both USA and Malaysia articles

-analysis (compared and contrasted)

Three part of the compare and contrast: 1- fact in Malaysia (cited) 2-fact in United States

(cited)3- two to three sentences clearly compare or contrast these two sets of facts

- Conclusion (ask Question or anything makes readers think about the article)

Things the instructor said:

- Transition sentence within between paraphrases

-singular + plural agreement

- Internal citation ex: Smith (2007) found that avocados are delicious. OR Avocados are

delicious (Smith 2007).

-start with Malaysia

-spell out "United States"


Heterosexual and Monogamous Marriage in Malaysia and United States

There is an old saying, “Marriages are made in heaven” and this can be true to a great extent, but when we look at the present scenario it appears that marriages can be made in heaven, but they also differ according to cultural and religious practices. The marriage system in Malaysia is heterosexual and polygamous and this polygamy definitely affects women (Alamgir 2014). In the Muslim countries, it is obligatory to follow the Islamic law and legislation on marriage assumes heterosexuality because of the Islamic Family Law (Bong 2015). The law makes it mandatory that only heterosexual marriages can take place. In the United States, there is a possibility of different kinds of families and the significant changes in law allow marriages between same sexes (Struening n.d.). The world is marching ahead and things have been changing in the United States and particularly there are many changes in the marital system, but in Malaysia the changes have not begun yet and there are a strong possibility that Malaysians will continue following the system of heterosexual and polygamous marriages as the Islamic Law does not accept any other kind of marriages.

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