Discussion Board

Discussion Board

Discussion Board

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Discussion Board:  In the "Course Documents" section of Blackboard you will find a

document that contains a list of journal articles. The applicable article for each assignment will

need to be read with discussion being based on the material in each article.  You are expected

to make one response to peer posts by Sunday at midnight prior to the week the topic is due in


Discussion Board posts must be substantive. One or two-line posts are not acceptable. The

Discussion Board is designed to be a learning opportunity where you can interact with your


Instructions:  "Read the journal article for this assignment and comment on a significant idea

you gained from the material you read." (Each Reading/DB Assignment is worth up to 25 points

total: Up to 15 points for initial post; 5 points for response post; 5 points for sharing in class)


Reading Assignments with DB Posts & Classroom Dialog

Reading 4:  Major Risk from Symptoms to Systems

1.  Read James Loud's Article on  “Major Risk”

2.  Post your response to the article – what is significant to you about the article?

3.  Respond to another students post with a meaningful response/post of your own.

4.  Be prepared to discuss your summary and conclusions of the article in class.

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