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Discussion Essay Writing – Online Assignment Help

Discussion Essay Writing – Online Assignment Help

Discussion Essay Writing - Online Assignment Help


Read and comment on the discussion post. Be sure to include a question about the post at the end of your comment about the post. Comment can be less than 5 or 6 sentences long.  Comments and question MUST be substantive.

Emotional dependency is when a woman allows others (like a significant other) to affect her feelings and emotions, and depends on them for happiness, etc. This is giving complete control to others over a woman’s own emotions. This is unhealthy and can negatively impact self-esteem, since self-esteem is dependent on others. This is different from having a balanced relationship, where two people have interdependence and allow other to affect them only slightly emotionally. Latisha and Earl’s situation is more common in relationships than one may think; I would first help her to understand that. There were no boundaries set in place to assist the growth of their relationship. The lectures notes speak of boundaries, “boundary is called diffuse. Members offer each other a high degree of support but often are confused by where the boundary line between members exists. This might manifest in one member speaking for another or one member trying to control another member’s actions. Family rules and discipline are inconsistent and at times too permissive (AOU Lectures, 2016). Latisha has taken the responsibility of Earl’s action which has caused him to become co-dependent upon her when he is under the influence. Another way that she has become emotionally attached in an unhealthy way to Earl is having rescue behavior. This simply means “making your partners life your own, becoming occupied with their needs and personal responsibilities such as making decisions as well as solving every problem that arise in their life” (Tolle, Eckhart. 2004).

The unhealthy pattern in relationships that has the root of the family of origin is patterns such as low self-esteem, denial, avoidance and control (CoDA.org). According to CoDA.org, “Denial patterns in co-dependents do not recognize the unavailability of those people to whom they are attracted. Low self-esteem co-dependents have trouble setting healthy priorities and boundaries. Avoidance co-dependents suppress their feelings or needs to avoid feeling vulnerable. Lastly control co-dependents have to feel needed in order to have a relationship with others (CoDA.org). Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of respect. Respect is a choice, and when you give it, you are more likely to get it in return. It is important for people to learn how to treat others the way they would like to be treated. There are some that have to understand that when there isn’t any respect the relationship will turn from healthy to unhealthy. An unhealthy relationship has an imbalance in which one partner tries to exercise control and power over the other through threats, emotional/verbal abuse, or physical or sexual violence (Kaufman, E., 1989). The definition of emotional dependency is clear, but do you think that men do not suffer from emotional dependency?  In the case of Latisha and Earl, Latisha is going through

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