Discussion Response Writing – Family Hero

Discussion Response Writing – Family Hero

Discussion Response Writing – Family Hero

Discussion Response Writing - Family Hero


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Rosie is currently acting out what is referred to as the “family hero” in her family. This is a role in the family that is typically claimed by the oldest child in the family. Rosie is claiming this role because she is taking over and is keeping a flow in the family in their home. She is making sure things are getting done and taken care of. Family members that take on this role often tend to feel responsible for the families pain and believe if they did something better or were perfect that the person who was using would stop (Argosy, 2016). The person in this role tends to act as a people pleaser and wants everyone to be happy and things to flow well. A person in this role can also have tendencies to act as a perfectionist in their life whether it be home life, school, social activities, etc.

The child who grows up in the family hero role can tend to be very ridged and controlling in their adult lives. This individual can also be judgemental of others and themselves. Family hero’s tend to be successful or appear to be but on the inside may have issues. Family hero’s can tend to be compulsive in adulthood and driven because deep inside they feel inadequate and insecure (Adult Children ACA, 2016). This individual can also have a hard time admitting that they may have issues or need healing. This can lead to an odd dynamic for Rosie and her siblings. They will go to her and depend on her to be there for them in the way that their mother should be, however as they grow and mature it may be hard for them to get along in a normal sibling sense as they are used to looking at her in a motherly role. They may also begin to not listen to their mother because they are listening to Rosie as if she is their mother.

Ironically, as I worked on this assignment I realized just how much this role in a family dynamic is myself. I grew up in a home with an alcoholic mother and took care of my younger sibling. I got straight A’s in school, played sports, was town and prom queen, and made sure our bills were pain in our home. I later ended up taking in my sister at 22 (she was 12) because my mother was just no longer able to care for her. I felt like while researching and reading up on this I was reading an autobiography. Very interesting topic, as I have not done much research on behavioral patterns of children of alcoholics.


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I really liked the way you have analyzed the effects of the circumstances on a “family hero” and I really admire your straightforwardness of accepting that even you had to face a similar situation like Rosie.

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