Discussion Writing Service – 210 Discussion

Discussion Writing Service – 210 Discussion

Discussion Writing Service – 210 Discussion

Discussion Writing Service - 210 Discussion

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I think the idea to tax unhealthy foods would have a strong impact on society. However what a consumer chooses to eat is their own responsibility but when the consumer doesn't have a choice what they eat due to convenience or their economic standing. I believe that the government benefits economically if they do not regulate unhealthy foods due to the health issues that go along with obesity. I also think the government could benefit from regulating unhealthy foods because taxing the food consumers are addicted to or craving more than likely will not stop them from purchasing the items. I feel that this would be such a good idea because something needs to be done about the obesity issue in our country, personally making the right decisions to eat healthy when everyone around me isn't is something I have struggled with and also buying a salad which is seven dollars compared to a cheeseburger that is only a dollar is ridiculous.

Post 1: Replay 150 complete sentences (thoughtful)

I partially support what the government is trying to so it makes sense they are trying to reduce the risks that America faces with food related illness and obesity. I think that taxing more unhealthy food is a smart idea because most people go for the unhealthy thing instead of the healthy one because healthy food is always more expensive than unhealthy. If they are equal or one is more people with low income or people in general will be more willing to spend the money on the healthier item. But I do not believe it is right for them to ban the sale of sugary drinks in larger than 16 ounces not all people eat completely unhealthy and they are being punished as well for the people who have no self-control. Yes taxing unhealthy items affects them but health food shouldn’t be more expensive than unhealthy food anyway. I believe our education system should take more responsibility in helping Americans know what is healthy for them to eat. We spend a large amount of our influential years in schools, if we were educated better beforehand it would help more people make the right decisions when choosing their food items. If the government does not regulate food then no there would be no impact because there is no change. If the government does regulate food then there will be an impact people are going to buy the cheaper option period. With most of America being in poverty of lower income they have no choice but to eat what they can afford if that is healthier food then that’s what they will buy. With me being in college and not coming from a family with a lot of time or money I know that sometimes you just can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables or do not have the time to cook a home cooked meal, so fast food dollar menu is all you have.

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Reflect on your current personal experiences with environmental health throughout your life. Explain in detail how you could DETOXIFY your life using the suggestions provided in the video or discussed during class. Specifically describe what behaviors you would change, adopt, implement, etc. in order to achieve a more detoxified life.  Please be realistic when choosing behaviors to change.  I want these changes to be something that you would/could actually implement in your life.


In 150 word  Bottom of Form

Up until about a year ago I had never questioned how safe or unsafe the products that I use in my daily life are. I guess I was a pretty trusting person in that it never crossed my mind that the companies making the products that I use on my skin or to clean my house with would put something in those products that would adversely affect me or my family. I just assumed that their consumers best interest was always the top priority. Watching the video about detoxifying your life really just confirmed some of the things that I already knew about the toxins that we take into our body on a daily basis from fairly common products that we all use. I realized that just simply switching out the normal cleaning products that I use in my home could greatly benefit I and my families health and limit the amount of unhealthy toxins that we breathe in. Another thing that I could easily do is replace all of my personal care products with a more natural option. I don't use very many products like that but I'm almost positive that the ones that I do use on a regular basis could be a lot safer than they are now. Lastly, I could just check all of my personal plastic products such as water bottles or cookware. I could also just use less plastic products and more glass and stainless steel. Overall, the video was very informative and showed some of the easier ways to change things in your daily life for the better

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After we watched the video, I realized that toxic products seem like an invisible killer, which are threating our life everyday. Usually, I don’t have an awareness to look the label on the products. Even if I read the label, I still cannot figure out the meaning of each chemical substance.  According to the information speared out by the video. I think my life will have a big change. For example, I will reduce to use plastic bottle. I will use glass bottle to contain water. As we drink water everyday, we buy bottle water very easily. That can make people to ignore how harmful can plastic products cause people sick. Furthermore, I do not notice that indoor air quality is five to seven times more toxic than outdoor. I think I will clear my hours more frequently, also I will not use air fresh anymore. I know that air fresh makes my room to smell good, but the air fresh can cause me unhealthy.  Instead of using air fresh, I might buy some houseplants to my room. This is a good way to make my indoor air much clean.  At the same time, I will keep my room humidity is under 50%, which can help to prevent molds growth. I really like the video because it helped me to learn some preventions to detoxify my life.

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150 word reflection on the audio attached

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