Economic Assignment Help – Essay Writing

Economic Assignment Help – Essay Writing

Economic Assignment Help – Essay Writing

Economic Assignment Help

make sure you use a recent newspaper.

pick an article from any (recent) daily newspaper that is related to the chapter indicated on the schedule below, summarize it, state how it pertains to a topic in the chapter, and explain how it has enhanced student’s learning.


These current event summaries should not exceed half of a page. The summary is to be e-mailed to the instructor by the end of the indicated date (3:00 p.m.). A copy of the articleshowing the name of the paper used, the date, and the author’s name should be attached to the news summary.


Example: Suppose the topic of the most recent chapter that was covered was on unemployment and inflation. You should find a recent article on this topic from a daily newspaper. Then: (1) summarize it in few sentences in your own words; (2) explain how unemployment/inflation was defined, and categorized in the chapter; (3) explain which part of the text coverage was discussed in the article that you have read, and indicate how you benefited from reading it.

the chapters we covered are:

1- the principles and practice of economics

2- economic methods and economic question

3- optimization: doing the best you can

4- demand, supply and equilibrium


Competitive markets are those markets where sellers sell identical goods or services and any individual

buyer or seller does not have enough power to affect the market price of that good or service (Ch.4). In

the article by Amy Zipkin, “Airports Create Hotel Complexes, Aiming to Become Destinations” the author

described the competitive market in the Airline Business.

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