English Assignment

English Assignment

English Assignment

Discussion—Relativistic Thinking: A New Perspective on the World

Children and adolescents tend to engage in so-called “black and white” thinking. In other words, they tend to judge people and situations in dualistic, rather than relativistic, terms. In early adulthood, individuals begin to reason about situations using a more flexible framework that helps them to resolve contradictions between different perspectives.

Describe a situation in which you or someone you know has had to move beyond “black and white” thinking and has been able to develop a more relativistic perspective. Answer the following:

  • What was it about the situation that challenged you or the other person to think more relativistically?
  • How do you think people begin to respond to others differently once they begin to use relativistic thinking?

Support your arguments with research, citing APA sources.

Write your initial response in 150–200 words. Apply credible (org, gov, edu.)APA standards to citation of sources.



“Black and White thinking”


“Black and White Thinking” is very common in young children and adolescents. This is because


of rigid, stubborn thinking and immature thoughts. Sometimes the children may be too stubborn


and there is also a possibility of “grey areas” in their extreme thinking (Working with young


people: Black and White Thinking, n.d.). One of my closest friends’ had a very unhappy family


background. Her father was a drunkard, and used to abuse her mother. Her mother never


retaliated and tolerated everything. During her early years, my friend used to be very silent and


whenever she spoke to me, which was very rare, she complained about her mother. She hated her


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