English Assignment

English Assignment

English Assignment

Writing Assignment 5


20 points


Watch 4 Ted talks: www.ted.com


preferably something of interest to you relating to physiology or healthcare.







this video is about how to see what happen in the human brain through the new technology. In the past this analysis took months to do but with the technology it becomes easier and faster. By seeing how the brain works then the person can control it. By this technology they can control brain activities such as pain and controlling the pathway that cause the pain. So, soon they can control the chronic pain in some people.


Prakash project

This video was about how the brain learn to see. This researcher motivation was from his blind child. That the neurologist said that the brain of more than 4 years child cannot learn how to see again. Then he start his research by doing screening to blind kids from blinds’ school. Some of them show some response and some no. for those who have response there is a chance for treatment for them. By working with Macdonald’s charity and hospital in Delhi, they do surgeries to kids and they become able to see. After treatment, about every week, they do vision test for the child. Also, to see brain development of how it see or define objects. Moreover, the child is born almost blind then can configure the shapes. By the end this project is groing very well to help most of the blind children in world.


Juan Enriquez in his talk on “The next species of humans” appears to be confident about the economic changes taking place in the country .He attempts to explain the different economic changes, and then tries to find the cause and effect of these economic changes. He appears at many times to



Quyen Nguyen  in her Ted Talks spoke about the “Color-Coded surgery” of cáncer. She explains that innovations and inventions do not happen in a day, but they take their own time. Light was important for surgery in the olden days, today natural night may not be required because of modern


Write a summary of each talk and what you thought about it or questions that it inspires.



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