English Assignment

English Assignment

English Assignment

For those who are enrolled in the tutoring sessions here is the

Essay question for the prelim exam.

This is due on Wed. April 29th. You may type or handwrite your

answer, but it MUST be handed in with your worksheet by Wed.

to receive credit.

In no less than (5) paragraphs, please write a short essay

describing the colonization, “Apartheid” system, and

independence in South Africa. In order to receive full credit, you

should be as descriptive as possible. Include as many relevant

names, dates, countries, legislation, etc. Your essay should include

an introductory paragraph, followed by three body paragraphs

(colonization, Apartheid, independence), and finally you should

end with a concluding paragraph detailing the significant effects

of the three topics covered.


Colonization, “Apartheid” system and independence in South Africa

South Africa has been tormented by the three important era of colonization, Apartheid era

and finally independence. Even the independence has been tormenting for South Africa

because it is still trying to come out of the after-effects of colonization and the Apartheid

period. These three periods significantly changed the history of South Africa.

South Africa was under the control of Europeans from 1652 till the end of the apartheid

era. The first to settle in South Africa were the Portuguese, but they did not settle down

and used only the coast of South Africa for navigation purpose. The Dutch were the first

permanent settlers and then they formed a colony. They developed a language from the

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