English Assignment

English Assignment

English Assignment

The Civil War in film
Spring Term
Dr. Fuller

Reaction Paper #1: Answer the following in a well organised, formal, argumentative/Persuasive essay.

What view(s) of the civil war is portrayed in gone with the wind? How and why were the war and Reconstruction portrayed? (i.e context of the times, biases etc.) possible themes discuss: Pro-noth/Pro-South: the significance of battles: the war on the home front: the role of woman: gender (male and female roles): race: class: ethnicity: whether the outcome was inevitable: the role of the individual in times of war (think of the scene where Scarlett was looking for the doctor at the railroad depot as an example), etc. In other words, react to the movie, but also try to make the argument- from both historical and cinematic perspective.

Your answer must be typed, double spaced, and should be about 3-5 pages in length. Use specific information from the film as evidence support your argument(s). If you use an outside source (reviews, books, internet sources, etc.) be sure to provide a citation.

Gone with the Wind: Themes of Changes after the Civil War


Wars change people and wars change society. Similarly, the Civil War had a great impact on the

Southern American people and the Southern society. The Civil War and the later reconstruction

period changed the way attitudes and behavior of people and especially it brought some relief for

women and increased their importance in society. Apart, from all these changes a major change

was in the way people thought of slaves and slavery. The Southerners did not respect the blacks

and ill-treated them, but the war and the reconstruction period changed the attitude towards the

black. The film “Gone With the Wind” shows the changes that occurred in the lives of people

after the civil war and the reconstruction period and also has a typical racist touch when talking

about slaves and slavery.

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