English Assignment

English Assignment

English Assignment

Extra Credit


You may complete one (and only one) of the following assignments for up to four extra credit points. Write at least two full double-spaced typed pages (minimum of 600 words).  Avoid grammatical and spelling errors.  Poor quality work will receive less than full credit.

All extra credit assignments are due via email no later than April 5. Send as a Word document to FritFerret@aol.com.


  1. The movie Quiz Show (1994) portrays a sticky web of deception in which a college professor succumbs to the temptation of fame and fortune in a rigged quiz show.  What does this movie tell us about cheating?  Analyze the moral issues raised in this movie from the perspective of Aristotle’s virtue ethics, utilitarianism, and/or Kantianism.
  2. Self-respect plays a central role in the movie The Color Purple (1985).  Describe one of the major characters of this movie in terms of the degree to which he or she has self-respect or is able to gain it over the course of the movie.  How does self-respect (or its absence) influence this character’s moral choices for better or worse?
  3. In the movie Wall Street (1987), the character Gordon Gekko gives a speech in which he declares: “Greed is good.” What is Gekko’s approach to business? Do you agree or disagree? Analyze some of the ethical issues faced by the character Bud Fox and the choices he makes


                                                           Greed is Good

People have three basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. If human beings are able to satisfy these three basic needs, they may not need anything more. Still, to meet these needs, one more thing is necessary and that is money. Money is the most important need in today’s world because it helps a person to buy the best of food, the smartest clothing and the biggest place of shelter. Money also brings with it power, power to rule others and power to gain control of the

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