Please view the Epidemiology e-learning lesson created by the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC) by clicking on this link:
http://www.cdc.gov/publichealth101/e-learning/epidemiology/ (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.

As you are viewing the e-lesson you will be able to answer the assignment questions

1. (0.75 pt) Define epidemiology:

2. (1 pt) What are the steps used in solving a public health problem?

3. (1 pt) Provide an example of a pandemic from some time in past history (anytime
before November 2015). The pandemic can have occurred anywhere in the world.
Explain why your answer is an example of a pandemic.

4. (0.75 pt) Explain the difference between descriptive and analytic epidemiology.

5. (1 pt) Define cross-sectional study and provide an example (do not use any
examples included in the CDC e-learning module).

6. (0.75 pt) What pieces of information are required to calculate the rate of a disease?

7. (1 pt) What are the four sources of data used by epidemiologists?

8. (0.75 pt) At what point in an outbreak investigation is a hypothesis developed and

9. (2 pts) Find one epidemiological study on any topic of interest. You may want to look
for an epidemiology article related to your annotated bibliography topic. Please
provide a sentence identifying your annotated bibliography topic. Include the peer-
reviewed epidemiological article citation. Also include the URL link for the article.
Note: Contact me if you have difficulty finding an article. You will need to tell me the
databases searched and the keywords you used when searching for an article.

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