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Alcohol Regulation: Does It Work?

Alcohol has been used for many centuries and early forms of mead date back to at least 8000 BC.

Throughout time, alcohol has had many purposes, including disinfection, religious rituals, and medical

treatments. Today, alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world.

Review the history of alcohol legislation presented in your readings for Module 1.

Answer the following:

What are the pros and cons of making alcohol illegal today?

What other option can you suggest to regulate alcohol consumption apart from legislation?

Give reasons for your response citing research.

Write your initial response in 150–200 words (one page). Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Alcohol Regulation: Does It Work?

What are the pros and cons of making alcohol illegal today?

The pros of making alcohol illegal today are that it will help to reduce addiction and also

the possibilities of binge drinking or quick consumption of many drinks simultaneously, which

can prove dangerous. Alcohol consumption may damage liver and kidney and therefore a ban

can provide health benefits and allow a person to live a longer and healthier life. It may also

reduce drunk-driving cases, which often prove fatal and dangerous. Crime rate may also reduce

with a ban on alcohol. The cons of making alcohol illegal are: illegal practices, such as black

marketing and smuggling may increase, the alcohol made illegally may not be of good quality,

which may affect the consumers, it will affect the freedom of choice of people and marriages and

special occasions may lose their charm because drinking in parties and on special occasions is a

social practice ( (The Pros and Cons of Prohibition, 2015).

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