Essay Writing – Biological Causes of Crime

Essay Writing – Biological Causes of Crime

Essay Writing – Biological Causes of Crime

Essay Writing - Biological Causes of Crime

Natalie was growing concerned about her daughter

Brandi’s school performance. Her grades had dropped

since the beginning of the school year, and she

seemed reluctant to go to school. On some days, she

complained of vague symptoms, such as stomachache

or headache. On other days, she simply did not get out

of bed. Natalie took her to the doctor, but there was

no definitive diagnosis. She questioned Brandi about

any problems at school, but Brandi was uncommonly

quiet. Natalie then looked at Brandi’s Facebook page

and saw a series of comments from Brandi’s friends

about a school bully. When Natalie confronted Brandi,

the child broke down crying and told the whole story.

Another girl, who was two years ahead of her in

school, was bullying her. She would tease Brandi in

school, leave nasty messages on her Facebook page,

and even threatened her on several occasions.

Natalie was furious and immediately arranged a

meeting with the teacher and school principal. The

school officials attempted to address the problem by

speaking to the girl and her parents. The parents

placed their daughter in treatment; she was diagnosed

with a behavior disorder and put on medication, which

seemed to work. Both the girl’s parents and the school

officials explained to Natalie that the girl had an

underlying medical condition that caused her to

become angry and lack impulse control. The school

officials were reluctant to suspend the girl because it

was “not her fault” but rather a “biological factor”

causing the behavior.

Natalie was still upset. She did not understand why her

own daughter should suffer. She had a nagging

suspicion that the bully’s parents were using the

biological cause as an excuse for their daughter’s bad


Research the biological causes of crime and the eugenics movement using the textbook, the

online library resources, and the Internet.

Based on the scenario, and drawing on your readings and research, respond to the following:

 Why do you think some people are troubled by the idea that crime has a biological cause?

Support your response using an article from the popular media presenting the biological

argument for criminal behavior.

 In what way may views of biological causes of crime be related to the eugenics

movement? Give reasons using a scholarly, peer-reviewed article either for or against the

eugenics movement.

Write your initial response in 4–6 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


Biological Causes of Crime

It is difficult to link crime with biology and therefore people are troubled by the idea that

crime has a biological cause. The other reason is that people suffering from abnormalities or

mental infirmities predominantly display criminal conduct (Scully, n.d.). Studies have been done

related to this topic and it has been observed that biology does play a role in the criminal

behavior. Biological and psychological theories have tried to explain criminal behavior.

In an article in The New York Times, Patricia Cohen explains how the biological theory

was rejected and ignored by criminologists saying that it could stereotype and is a form of

racism. Criminologists wanted to concentrate on social causes, such as, poverty, addictions,

guns, etc. With the latest studies on human genomes, scientists and criminologists are again

trying to explore this field and understand how genes can be responsible for criminal behavior.

Around 100 studies have positively shown that genes have a correlation with crimes, but there is

a possibility that some genes remain silent because of the environment while some become

dominant and become the cause of violent outburst again due to environment (Cohen, 2011).

The Eugenics Movement was initiated to improve the health and intelligence of humanity

through selective breeding, and this was followed by Hitler’s genocidal policy of creating an

“Aryan Race”. The biological perspective was not accepted by the criminologists because it was

against the philosophy of liberalism and social change. The language used by biological

researchers was too technical and therefore criminologists preferred to ignore the connection

between biology and crime (Conklin, 2010).

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