Essay Writing Service – Discussion Question: Effective Questioning

Essay Writing Service – Discussion Question: Effective Questioning

Essay Writing Service – Discussion Question: Effective Questioning

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Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Effective Questioning

Assignment 1: Discussion Question

Jacob, a 13-year- old male, is caught shoplifting a hoodie at a local department store. Security

detained Jacob and called the police. Jacob was then interviewed at the local police station. His

parents were called and attended his interview with the detective.

The detective asks Jacob, “Why did you take the garment? Didn’t you think you would be

caught? What did you think your parents would say? Why did you do such a stupid thing?”

 What do you think is wrong in this scenario?

 What do you think Jacob is feeling?

 What do you think Jacob’s nonverbal behavior would exhibit?

 If you were the detective, how would your questions differ? Give an example of three

questions you would have presented Jacob.

 What type of interview strategy would you have used?

 In what type of environment would you conduct the interview?

Cite, as appropriate credible, scholarly sources to substantiate the points you are making.

Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Effective Questioning

The police interviews of the juveniles have to be done very carefully. The first thing that

is wrong in the scenario is the boy was directly taken to the police station for the interview. He

was not read out the Miranda right, “You have the right to remain silent” (Police Questioning of

Minors , 2015). The detective did not try to build up a rapport with the boy, nor did he try to ask

him the basic questions about his name, father’s name, and residence address. He directly started

asking bipolar questions that are stacked together and loaded too. The child has to answer in

affirmative or negative, and the questions may confuse him (M2-Module 2 Reading Material). At

the same time, the questions are loaded and have a presumption that the child took the hoodie

from the local departmental store. Jacob is just a child of 13 years and definitely he must be

feeling confused and scared of the overall situation. He may assume that he will be put in jail for

this offence and he may feel very upset. If Jacob prefers not to answer the questions and

demonstrates nonverbal behavior, it would exhibit that he is totally scared and upset about the

whole thing and may feel that his parents may also be blamed and embarrassed because of his

action, so he may prefer to keep quiet rather than answering the question, or accepting his crime.

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