Essay Writing Services – Personal Writing Skills

Essay Writing Services – Personal Writing Skills

Essay Writing Services – Personal Writing Skills

Essay Writing Services - Personal Writing Skills

while this smaster I was lost Essay one, but my instruction give me some opportunity to complete Essay #1 so please double check for me ..
Essay #1: Instructions & Submission
This assignment will be checked using anti-plagiarism software and returned to your instructor with an originality report.

Essay #1My Writing Strengths and ChallengesBefore beginning your essay, read SafeAssignment Submission Instructions under Essays. When you are ready to submit your essay, click on "View/Complete" to upload your essay to this site.

Write an essay responding to each of the following questions. Your essay should be typed in sentence and paragraph form and between 1-1/2 and 2 pages in length. See the APA Challenge below for the minimum requirements for this essay.

a) Describe your current strengths related to writing.

b) Describe your current challenges related to writing.

c) Discuss the writing improvement goals that you would like to set for yourself this semester. How do you plan to achieve these goals (be specific)?

d) Given your current understanding of the social work profession and the role of a social worker, discuss why you believe it is important for social workers to develop their skills in written communication.

e) Given your current understanding of writing ethics and plagiarism, how do you think you would avoid unintentional plagiarism in your writing?

Submit your completed essay through Safe Assignment (see submission link below these instructions) by the due date and time noted in the Course Calendar. For information and instructions regarding Safe Assign, please see the information listed under Essays in our course site.

APA Challenge

The Arizona State University (ASU) School of Social Work has adopted the writing style of the American Psychological Association (APA), which is referred to as APA style. The leading professional journals for the social work profession have also adopted the APA style of writing. Some other writing styles with which you may be familiar are Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago style. As a social work student, it will be important to master the APA style to meet the writing requirements for the ASU School of Social Work and the social work profession.

Each essay in our course will include an APA Challenge. The purpose of this challenge will be to gradually acquaint you with the requirements of an APA style paper. By the end of this class, you will have learned and applied the basic skills of writing a research paper in APA style. Each APA Challenge will reference information found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition), which we’ll refer to as the APA manual. While this is a required textbook for our course, it will be used throughout the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Master of Social Work (MSW), and doctoral (PhD) programs in the ASU School of Social Work.

To begin learning the basics of APA style, it is helpful to actually see a sample APA style research paper. Please refer to pages 41 through 53 of the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA manual) to see an example of a research paper in APA style. You’ll notice that there are two pages that appear before the body of the research paper: a title page and an abstract. The body of the research paper actually begins on the third page of the paper. An example of this can be found beginning on page 42 of the APA manual.

For this first essay, you will apply the basic requirements for an APA style paper.

Add a Title Page (see the APA manual pp. 229-230 and the sample title page on p. 41; note the running head and page numbers, as well as the content of the title page; you do NOT need to include an author's note for the purpose of this class)

Add an Abstract beginning on page 2 of your paper (see the APA manual pp. 25-27 and the sample abstract on p. 41). Note how the running head changes on page 2 and subsequent pages of your paper. Also notice that you do not indent the first line of the abstract.

Add the full title and the text of your paper beginning on page 3 (see the sample paper beginning on p. 42 of the APA manual).

Type your paper, including the portions within the headers, in Times New Roman typeface using a 12-point font size. “The use of a uniform typeface and font size enhances the readability” of your paper (American Psychological Association, 2010, p. 228).

Use uniform margins for your text of one inch on the top, bottom, right, and left sides of each page. Insert your running heads and page numbers within the header of your page, which will place it about midway between the top of your page and the abstract and text of your paper. See the APA manual pp. 41-42 for an example of this spacing.

Set your line spacing to a default of 0 before and after each line, and set your spacing to double-space. In Word, you'll find this under Home, then under Paragraph, Indents and Spacing. Double-space throughout your paper, including between titles and text and between lines within the text. Indent the first line of each new paragraph, with the exception of the first paragraph of the abstract. You will find it helpful to set your default settings in your word processing program to these settings to save time as you type each paper (e.g., in Word go to page layout to set margins and home, then paragraph, to set line spacing). NOTE: MAC users can find formatting instructions under the menu item "Computer Settings" on our course site.

In summary, for this first essay and all subsequent essays and research papers for this class, please apply the following basics of the APA style, including a:

a) title page,
b) abstract,
c) Full title and text beginning on page 3,
d) Times New Roman typeface,
e) 12-point font size,
f) running head and page numbers within the header,
g) 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, right, and left sides of each page,
h) double-space throughout, including between titles and text and between lines within the text; and
i) indent the first line of each paragraph, with the exception of the first paragraph of the abstract.

A printable handout accompanies these instructions.

I look forward to reading your first essay!

Personal Writing Skills: Strengths and WeaknessesWriting is assumed to be a simple task for many, but for some people writing is the most complex skill and good writing is still difficult. I started writing from quite a young age, and I have excellent comprehension skills. I can write accurate outlines and present a rough draft easily, but when it comes to expansion of the outline, I start getting nervous. I have decided to improve my writing skills this semester and I will keep on writing till I am able to understand the basic concepts. I also want to apply the APA rules while writing and with continuous practice I will be able to develop the usage of APA format in my writing. Social workers should have excellent writing skills because while dealing with their clients they have to make detailed and specific notes, and record all the progress and excellent writing skills will help to have precise and clear reports of the clients’ problems. Plagiarism is an ethical crime in writing, and I will avoid unintentional plagiarism by using my own words while writing. I will use minimum direct quotes , and try to explain the concepts or ideas in my own words, but still I will give the original writer the due for his/her work by using in-text citations according to APA format.Personal Writing Skills: Strengths and Weaknesses

Current Writing Strengths

If I am given a chance to describe my current writing strengths, I would say I can write detailed and clear outlines. I have excellent pre-writing skills and I enjoy brainstorming method to come up with great ideas to write on a variety of topics. Once I have collected all the points, I note them down on a paper and then start organizing using an outline. I use Introduction- Body Paragraphs- Conclusion structure to prepare my outlines. I also add a separate sub-heading of references and add a list of all the references in the outline. I am aware of the formatting styles, but I am not at all an expert yet.

Current Writing Challenges

I have multiple writing challenges and I want to overcome all these and become an excellent writer. Expansion of the outline is a difficult job for me and I get the typical writer’s block and cannot write even a few words. I also have problems with my grammar and spellings. I am not an expert of the formatting styles, and I would like to learn the nuances of the APA format methods to fulfill all the requirements of my present papers and my future papers.

I have set some goals for myself to improve my writing skills.

1) Improve writing skills

2) Learn APA formatting method

3) Improve grammar and punctuations skills

4) Improve vocabulary

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