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During this second module, we focus upon the concept of culture and all its components. Please

respond to all parts of the discussion.

Apply APA standards

The sociologist, Robin Williams Jr., originally created a list of ten central values in American culture in

1970. (Included).

1. How do you believe this list might be different if it were created today?

2. Which values do you believe have changed since this list was originally made? Why?

3. Please use examples to illustrate how these values have changed using the media, social policy,

politics, or otherwise.

4. What are five symbols important to American culture? Are they important to you? How and


5. What problems arise from excessive ethnocentrism?



I believe the list created by Robert William Junior would be the same if created today. Even today we believe in equal opportunity, material comfort and individual achievement and personal success. We have the same values regarding progress, practicality and efficiency. We could add two things in the list one is of trying to maintain peace in the world and the second is to embrace all the cultures open-heartedly.

Society usually changes and there are changes in social values, but I don’t think there have been changes in any of the ten values. I wish there was some change in the tenth value given in the list about racism and group superiority, but unfortunately even that has not changed.


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