Ethical Analysis Assignment

Ethical Analysis Assignment

Ethical Analysis Assignment


Ethical Analysis Assignment

W363, Fall 2015


Assignment Details:


Due: November 23,2015 at 11:59PM

Submission:Submit as a Microsoft Word document, via assignments tool in Canvas

Total Point Value: 150




Below you will find a selection of three ethical scenarios.  For each scenario, you are to imagine that you are a member of a hospital ethical committee and that you have been called to give your recommendation for how to handle the case.  Your assignment is to perform an ethical analysis on oneof the three scenarios.


When performing your analysis, be sure to include the following information:


1) Identify the ethical issues in the scenario.

2) Identify the different people involved in decision making.

3) Talk about the ethical issues from the perspective of each person involved in the scenario.

4) Address both sides of the ethical debate.

5) Make a recommendation for resolving the ethical dilemmaand support your recommendation using ethical reasoning.




Length: Minimum 500 words (which equals approximately 2 pages double spaced), Maximum 1000 words (which equals approximately 4 pages double spaced).

Font: Times New Roman

Size: 12


*Please indicate which ethical scenario you have chosen at the top of your paper.

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