Future of Disability

Future of Disability

Future of Disability

Assignment #5

Final Paper


Future of Disability


  • What is one thing that surprised you about disability in society?


  • Discuss the most important aspects of disability in society, as it relates toyour chosen future career (this should be the bulk of your paper)
    • Knowledge you will need, things you will experience, thoughts you have on how disability may or may not affect you, models of disability you might use in your practice…etc.


  • Discuss the future of disability, as you see it
    • Unorthodox allowed, movies – books – opinions – have fun, but don’t go overboard, still provide me with thoughtful critical thinking. If you want to use the same health trends I have spoken off, then you have to providenew references


This is your opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the material.

Use references and terms.




Length: No less than 3 FULL pages (please keep in mind, this is the minimum requirement, which will attain you the minimum grade of 90% without spelling/grammatical errors)


Submit: via Canvas Assignments


Point value: 20 points


Special request: Please have fun.






When formatting assignments, always follow these instructions, unless your course instructor informs you otherwise:

  • Computer generated
  • 1 inch margins
  • 12-point font
  • Left justified
  • Double spaced
  • Pages must be numbered on the bottom of each page on the right side
  • Name on the assignment
  • Do not type out questions

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