Help Writing a Response Paper – Response to Eric Devore

Help Writing a Response Paper – Response to Eric Devore

Help Writing a Response Paper – Response to Eric Devore

Help Writing a Response Paper

Please provide Response to the below post.

2 days ago
Eric Devore
Assignment 10

The supervisor is the position in an organization where the typical divisional line between the union and non-union members exist. They have the responsibility to uphold the rules of the company with respect to the union agreements. A supervisor is expected to control the activities of his or her work area and the conduct of personnel for whom he or she is responsible in an effective and reasonable manner when union business is involved. The supervisor also is expected to respect the rights of the union and its representatives. If a union representative requests time off for union business, a limited but reasonable period of time should be granted if the lost time will not be in conflict with the interest of the work. If the work flow will not permit the Steward to be released at the time requested, then another time period should be arranged that is mutually convenient and practical. A union Steward from another department, laboratory or group may ask to visit the work area to conduct union business. He or she should be accommodated if reasonable adjustments to the work schedule can be made at the time requested. If the work may not be reasonably interrupted at the time requested then a more appropriate time should be arranged with the representative. It is basically a balancing of enforcement and making sure that the agreed upon union member rights are respected.

Safety professionals often have interaction with union representation and members. On many occasions, the unions are formed to provide safe working conditions.  The safety professional needs to be aware of the union and their needs when making changes to the company’s safety programs. I work with risk management and visit many small businesses. Some of them are non-union and some are union workers. We as an insurance company have standard best practices recommendations, but often times our clients must make sure they are able to implement them with union support.


  • Steingold; The Employer’s Legal Handbook 12th Ed
Response to Eric Devore,
I agree with you that the supervisor stands at the divisional line in the organization and has to balance between the rules of the company and the union agreements.

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