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Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database Worksheet

May 14, 2015

I have designed this exercise for you to explore an important resource utilized frequently by

professional historians. Follow the instructions below. Take notes. Experiment with the various

functions offered by the website. Learning how to ask good questions is one of the most

important skills for an historian to master—so get curious. Pose questions, and then try to use

the database to answer them. And challenge yourself to ask “big” questions.

1. Go to http://www. slavevoyages.org and , on the top toolbar, click on “Assessing the Slave

Trade.” Under “Essays,” read David Eltis, Introduction to “A Brief Overview of the Trans-
Atlantic Slave Trade.” (Be sure to take notes on a 3x5 notecard)

2. Click on “Estimates,” and explore the Tables, Timeline, and Maps. What patterns do you

see? (Remember time, place, and change over time).

3. Go back to the tool bar, and click on “Resources.” Peruse the Images and African Names

Databases. What do these resources make you wonder?

4. Given your newly-found knowledge of the Atlantic slave trade, what do you consider to

have been the most important contexts in its development and demise?

5. Come up with at least three analytical questions about the Atlantic slave trade that begin

with the word “why.” (Again, remember time, place, and change over time).


Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade

The important reason behind the trans-Atlantic slave trade that started in the early 15th century

was the requirement of labor by the Europeans and the Americas. They needed labor because the

Amerindian population had reduced. The reason behind the contact of Africans and the

Europeans were the slaves. The Europeans needed the tropical produce and precious metals and

cheap labor for their huge plantations. The trans-Atlantic slave trade increased because

Europeans could not have been enslaved by OTHER Europeans and enslaving the Africans was

easier as they were neither educated nor a developed society,

The North and South Atlantic currents also controlled the slaves to be transported from the

different regions of Africa to Brazil and Portugal and the English. The North wheel was

dominated by the English and the slaves were taken from West Africa. South wheel was under

the control of Brazil and Portugal and the slaves were picked from Angola.



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