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Homework Help Tutor –  Comments and Question Writing

Homework Help Tutor – Comments and Question Writing

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Read and comment on the discussion post. Be sure to include a question about the post at the end of your comment about the post. Comment can be less than 5 or 6 sentences long.  Comments and question MUST be substantive.

I feel Thelma did do the right thing in this situation by informing her mother about her

knowledge of her father’s drug use. At such a young age a child should be able to go to a stable parent

and talk to them about any situations that could be harmful to themselves or someone else. It is good

that Thelma felt comfortable enough going to her mother with the information she knew and talking to

her about it. “In families where alcohol or other drugs are being abused, behavior is frequently

unpredictable and communication is unclear” (Aaets.org, 2014).

Due to the way the situation played out Thelma may have feelings of shame, and guilt. She may

feel that this was all because she did something and that she could be the cause of her mother throwing

her father out. Thelma may become depressed about this, or chose to act out to get attention, or she

could also chose to go the other direction and try to seek approval in hopes her parents wont be mad at

her. Children are said to best adjust to divorce in the family when they get to maintain contact with

both of their parents on a regular and consistent basis (Argosy, 2016). That being said this could also be

a risk to the children if the other parent is substance abusing and is still actively using.

In every family with addiction there are risk factors of others using or becoming addicted. Risk

factors for Thelma could be her guilt and depression over the way the situation played out could cause

her to use or she could also begin using in hopes of becoming closer to her father or being like her father

as well especially if he was someone she looked up to in the past.

I feel it would be beneficial for Thelma to go into some type therapy or counseling to talk with

someone about how she is feeling. This would help because she would be able to talk about the

situation with her parents and not feel guilty while doing it. A therapist may also talk to Thelma and let

her know that the situation with her parents does not have anything to do with her.

Thelma’s mother should talk with her daughter about the dangers of using substances. Thelmas

mother should also look into finding a group she can take her daughter to that would better help her

understand as well as find like minded individuals to talk to about the situation. There are many

different types of support groups out there, Alateen and Alanon are great meetings that could help

Thelma find out that she is not to blame and teach her all about substance abuse and addiction.


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Thelma did the right thing and her confusion and contemplation before revealing the truth about her father shows that she is scared of the repercussions. She may continue to believe that she is responsible for the divorce of her parents.

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