Informative Speech Guidelines – Online Assignment Help

Informative Speech Guidelines – Online Assignment Help

Informative Speech Guidelines – Online Assignment Help

Informative Speech Guidelines - Online Assignment Help

1. The informative speech topic should be something for which you are passionate or very

knowledgeable. It should be a topic to which your audience can easily relate.

2. You must research the topic. You will need to print out a copy of whatever research you use

highlighting the areas used in your speech. For example, if you quoted someone from an

article in the NY Times, print it off, and highlight the quote.

3. It must be between 4 - 6 minutes.

4. It must contain an introduction, body and a conclusion

5. Transitions are required and should be present in the following places: going into the body,

between each main point and entering the conclusion.

6. A visual aid is required: Something visual that reinforces what you are explaining at that

particular moment. Youtube clips will NOT count toward the speech time.

7. 5 verbally-cited sources: Use three different “types” of sources. E.g. newspapers,

magazines, books, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and “official” websites e.g.,,

8. An outline is required as illustrated in the sample outline posted on Blackboard.

9. You must use 3 x 5 note cards while speaking and not your outline

10. Speech Folder to store required forms.

 Typed Outline (1-inch margins, 10-12 point font, proper outline symbols, in-text

citations of sources, and bibliography)

 Highlighted Research

 Outline Grading Rubric

 Speech Grading Rubric

Journal Entry #1 – Self Reflection: 25

Journal Entry #2 – Peer Review: 25

Informative Speech Prep Sheet

Specific Purpose: It is important to know what E-cigarettes are, how they can affect the health of

people and whether any country is trying to oppose E-cigarettes in the interest of public.

Smoking of any kind is injurious to health and the effect of E-cigarettes on human health should

be clarified for all the youngsters who may get attracted to these new kinds of cigarettes.

2. What is the component in E-cigarettes?

3. What is the mechanism of the E-cigarette?

4. Have the US government and FDA put any regulations on the E-cigarettes?

5. How can E-cigarette affect a person’s health?

6. Are their issues related to second-hand emissions?

7. Can E-cigarettes stop a person from using the regular cigarettes?

8. Has any country banned E-cigarettes?

9. Is the youth more attracted to E-cigarettes?

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