Legit Research Paper Writing Services – The Chipotle Cultivate Festival

Legit Research Paper Writing Services – The Chipotle Cultivate Festival

Legit Research Paper Writing Services – The Chipotle Cultivate Festival

Legit Research Paper Writing Services

Analysis of the service II (Maximum 4 pages)

It should be based on your observations and experiences

This part should include the following questions.

What was done at this event to engage the audience?

Were there any factors that appealed to any or all of the five senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight)?

Was anything done at the event the contributed to both the overall experience, and functioning of the event? (ex: pre-event activity that encouraged participants to be arrive early to relieve traffic congestion)

Were there certain parts of the event that had more of an appeal to certain segments of the audience, and not others?

Recommendation (Maximum 3pages) Done After Megan and Esqer

What could be done to improve the overall experience of this event/conference/meeting?

Some Other Reminders:

Cover page will be appreciated (Please include name of the group and each member’s name)

The report should be double spaced.

All paper margins are 1 inch.

Font size is 12.

Number your pages, at bottom of page.


Your team will be required to make an oral presentation as a group. The presentation must be 20-25 minutes in length. Your team will be evaluated by the Instructor according to ten different criteria. Each of the criteria will be rated on a 1-2-3-4-5 scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree). The evaluation criteria for the orals are attached. You should note that they are different. Study these carefully when planning your oral presentation. Based on past experience, most teams lose points for the following:

Not making use of the audio-visual materials and equipment available, i.e., chalkboard, overhead projector, slide projector, VCR and television, flip chart/stand, themselves (dressing up in some form of costume),  signs/charts/posters, music/audio tape players.

Not showing the class in advance how their presentation is structured and organized. In the past, the teams that have done best in this respect have either handed out an agenda or shown the structure of their presentation on the overhead projector or chalkboard.

Not being creative in planning and implementing their oral presentations. Avoid the approach of one person after another getting up and reading from their little 3 by 5 cards or other notes; this is not creative and your fellow students will "turn off" quickly. In general, the teams have performed best as they used a variety of techniques including using a videotape portion of their presentation, using skits or music to emphasize and illustrate key points, preparing slide presentations, designing their own advertisements/promotions, taping (video and/or audio) interviews with management or customers, and so on.

The Chipotle Cultivate Festival: Phoenix

The Chipotle Cultivate Festival was celebrated on April 18, 2015 in Phoenix. The venue was West World Scottsdale and the Festival was organized from 11 in the morning till 7 in the evening. The main events of this Chipotle Festival were music, chefs, food and drink, and other activities. This is the fifth anniversary of the Cultivate Festival and the organizers had really planned it well to make it a grand success.

Each and every event organized at the Cultivate Festival was meant to engage the audience. There was music line up by some famous artists. This was meant to please the hearing sense. Twenty One Pilots, MS MR, Magic Man, Jared and The Mill, DJ Christopher Golub, and the Bleachers presented their albums and kept the audience on their feet with their mesmerizing and foot tapping numbers. Each singer received the applaud he or she deserved and the audience kept demanding for more and more.

The chefs had prepared different dishes to please the taste buds of the audience. Each had tried his or her best to present the most unique dishes, which were exotic in their own sense. The cooking demonstrations attracted the men and women equally towards the chefs. Amanda Freitag, the chef and owner of the Iconic Empire Diner in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City is an expert in making classic American dishes and gives them her signature style. Richard Blais, the winner of Top Chef All Stars, presented is innovative American cuisine. Charleen Badman, the owner and chef of the award winning FnB restaurant in Scottsdale cooked a variety of her special veggie dishes. Christopher Schlattman, the executive chef at the Upton Restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale, presented his own style of dishes. Joshua Hebert, the owner of POSH restaurant, showed the audience that he still has his unique style of presenting the best food and his demos attracted many people.

The demos of the best chefs really created a magical effect on the taste buds and were even soothing for the eyes. The Featured Eats further kept the audience busy. Some of the new recipes had been made only for the sake of the Festival. The favorite dishes that had the audience seek for more and more were the pork belly or barbacoa gordita, grilled chicken or sofritas tacos, shophouse rice bowl with meatballs or organic tofu and kale salad. The dishes also were customized and the visitors were given a chance to have their favorite pick with the toppings The Festival also offered a variety of wines, variety of foods cooked in different exotic styles and even the homely styles that is loved by the Chipotle visitors. There was a variety of mocktails, soda and other drinks, you just had to move around to get a taste of everything and the crowd was going berserk with the variety of foods and drinks spread in front of them. The audience was encouraged to participate in the activities. If a person participated at least in four, he or she had to get the program stamped as a proof and give it to the Info Tent and they got a free burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos and IZZE at any of the Chipotle. The main theme appeared to be healthy food. The differences between fresh vs. processed food was clear. The factory versus farm breeding of livestock was demonstrated. There was an exhibit on the genetically modified organisms and the way they are being used these days in the food industry. There was also a cinema where short films were shown on the journey toward healthier food and also a healthier environment. The GUAC from scratch was interesting as the audience could enjoy the complete procedure of cooking from scratch.

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