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Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student to reflect on, and articulate his/her career interest and plan.
Assignment:  The following areas must be covered in the assignment.
1.  The student should re-read Chapter 1 and read Chapter 3,  Introduction to Career Planning.  Taken from: Reardon, R. C., Lenz, J. G., Peterson, G. W. and Sampson, J. P., (2012). Career Development and Planning, 4th Ed. Kendall Hunt Publishing; Dubuque, IA.
2.  The student should reflect on his/her career interest and write a 2 – 3 page paper, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 pt. text, one inch margins all the way around.  The following areas must be covered at a minimum.  Each area should be addressed with individual headings.  
a.  Life Values - The student should reflect on their life values.  What is important to you in your life, not just a career?
b.  Career Values - The student should reflect on and describe their career values.   What is important to you in a job?
c.  Short Range Plan - The student should identify what short-range (between now and graduation) steps he/she will take to begin their journey towards meeting his/her career goals.  How are you going to build your competencies to make yourself marketable after graduation?
d.  First Career Position - The student should reflect on what type of position he/she feels they are looking for as their first career step after graduation and how/why the position will compliment his/her life and career values.
Evaluation:  The student will be evaluated on the following areas.
1.  Composition and grammar.
2.  Depth of analysis (critical thinking).
3.  Content clearly reflecting the required readings.  At least two citiations from the readings by page number and paragraph number/table number.
4.  Accuracy – follow directions.

People desire to choose a career in which they like to flourish according to their tastesand ambitions. Career choice of an individual is not only based on the likes or dislikes but also

on the needs and necessities. Career path is the key for an individual’s successful life. An

individual’s enthusiasm, focus and hard work determine how successful he or she is going to be

once he chooses his future career. Thus it is very important to choose the apt career by taking

appropriate training, so that one can enjoy working and grow to attain a respectable status in the


I am pursuing management education and my major is tourism development and I know

that one day, I will certainly grow in my career as the professional education that I am pursuing

is excellent and I find it very interesting, which is a good sign because when a student enjoys the

studies, only then he or she is able to utilize it optimally. I love to travel, visit new places and

meet people belonging to different culture and ethnicities and traditions. So, the choice to pursue

tourism as education was very much natural to me. However, life is not limited to pursuing or

opting for a career and tries to move upward through the corporate ladder. In fact, life is

something much more than that.

Life values

A life is too long and complicated. It is full of twists and turns. A successful career is just

a small part of life. Life overall should be enriched enough by the subtle nuances of happiness so

that one can cherish it all the time. This can only come through inner peace and happiness. “This

can only be possible when we consider education, work and retirement are interconnected.

Previously people consider them as distinct entities” (Chapter 3, Page 29, Para 6). At present, the

outlook is diametrically opposite. Today, we are happier as we have found a new meaning of life


by interconnecting three important phases of our lives. As per me, the most important thing of

life is that I should be happy and spread happiness all over the world. The thought seems cliché

in today’s context. However, it is very true as the world today badly needs peace and happiness. I

want to spread it to not only within humans but in the animal world too as they are the silent

companions in the journey of our lives.

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