Legitimate Paper Writing Service – Sustainability Challenges

Legitimate Paper Writing Service – Sustainability Challenges

Legitimate Paper Writing Service – Sustainability Challenges

Legitimate Paper Writing Services

find newspaper or journal articles (NOT ACADEMIC JOURNALS) that show how the issues we have been discussing in class are relevant today.  I have given you a lot of information, and although I have given you examples, the ideas still exist in theory. I want you to see how this is working in practice; how it surrounds us every single day. Consequently, your article must not be older than January 1, 2015.
1 article on positive or negative feedback
2 articles focusing on Sustainability Challenges
2 articles on Social Capital-For high marks, it should link to either food, urban/suburban development or transportation.
1 article that shows the first dimension of power
1 article that shows the second dimension of power
You will attach the article (just print it if you found it online, if you read it in a doctors office, take a photo) to your paper that describes how the article itself links to the topic you have chosen and what we discussed in lecture! Your response must be at least 500 words and no more than 750 words long.  Your paper must have 1 inch margins all around and be in Times New Roman font size 12. You can print it on both sides if you want to save paper and it can be single spaced.
Your header will have your last name, first name which topic you have chosen.  To be safe, just copy and paste from below.  This paper is formatted the requested way so you can use it as your template if you want.  
Example of Positive Feedback/Negative in the media (which ever you found)
Example of a Sustainability Challenge Part 1 in the media
Example of a Sustainability Challenge Part 2 in the media
Example of Social Capital in the Media
Example of the first dimension of Power in the media
Example of the second dimension of Power in the media
Here are the Journals/Newspapers that I will accept
Scientific America
National Geographic
The Guardian
Wall Street Journal
PBS News Hour
The New York Times
Washington Post
 The Economist

Sustainability Challenges

Sustainability is a vast term and to put in a nutshell it can be defined as the process to create such

conditions that the human beings and nature can exist and support each other not only today, but

also in the future so that our future generations do not suffer. The challenges to sustainability

will be related to any process or condition that disturbs the harmony between nature and human

beings and may prove dangerous now and also for the future generations (Learn About

Sustainability, 2015). Many countries have started to take steps to reduce the environmental

challenges. The efforts are strong, but still more has to be done and this can happen when every

global citizen comes together to fight the challenges and make the earth a better place for us and

our future generations.

In the article, “Fresh Hope for Combating Climate Change” Robert Kunzig highlights the

challenges to environmental sustainability and shows that there is still hope that human beings

can try to control the disastrous changes taking place globally. At Rio de Janeiro, the world’s

nations decided to avoid “dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”, but

they did not keep up to their promises. The carbon emissions have kept on increasing and a lot of

carbon has been added to the atmosphere. The global records of temperature show that the past

decade was the warmest. Heat waves are five times warmer , West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s larger

part is about to collapse and this will raise the sea level at least four feet and there are

possibilities that many zones on the planet will no longer be inhabited by plants, animals and

humans. These sustainability challenges are persisting and hovering on our head, but there is

hope that the emissions can be controlled. Countries like China and Saudi Arabia are showing

great interest in reducing their carbon emissions. Fossil fuels have helped in the advancement of

the world, but now it is time to sit and think and decide whether we want to just watch a global

transformation or change it and give hope to our planet to sustain itself and face the challenges

strongly (Kunzig, 2015).

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